April 22nd, 2010


They just aren't even trying anymore...

It's no secret that certain shops on eBay use images of brand dresses to advertise their products, which are usually awful replicas of terrible quality. But this is just amusing...


They didn't even bother to cover up "Victorian Maiden" on the picture, and they still added their own horrible MS Paint watermark over top. XD

Yes, every so often, I get bored and decide to type "lolita" into a random store search (like Amazon, eBay, Etsy), just so see what lulzy things I can find. XD

And just to make this post more interactive. Post any hilarious "lolita" finds you've come across in your internet shopping travels! XD
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fan plus friend pic requests

Does anyone have this dress from f+f? a picture of it worn?
And can I wear a normal petticoat with it, or would i need a hoop skirt?

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or this one

And this this one I was wondering if i could take the lace off of it. it looks out of place

Also I was looking at this and was wondering if i could wear it with normal lolita skirts

Thanks a million for the help

Live long, and prosper
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Another swjtu2000 Wig Review! (ebay)

This is my first review (and post I think) here on egl. I ordered a wig from ebay seller swjtu2000 on March 26 and it just arrived today. I know many people like wigs when you don't feel like doing your hair that day, or you just can't get it styled properly. It's nice to have a low price option for those kinds of days.

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Review- Bodyline L087 (Cameo OP)

Last month, when abba12  posted her Bodyline review, I fell in love with the amazing cameo OP, and the awesome vulgar_bunnies  was holding a group order at the time, so I decided I absolutely had to have it. It arrived today, so as I planned to, I'll review it.

Please excuse the quality of my pics; my camera is somewhat on the crappy side.

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Top shopping cart

Fun post!

So I was thinking about all the things that I think would awesome and fun to do in lolita, and some of them were so... unrori. I thought this would be something fun to discuss on EGL!
So what about you? What totally un-lolita things would you love to see a lolita doing?

I personally would die of happiness if I saw a lolita go up and throw down some freestyle.


Stock photo request

That Metamorphose sailor dress. I think they call it Vintage Cherry series. I'm going to beach in a few weeks and would like to make myself a sailor lolita dress. I loved that dress so I think it would be a great inspiration. Thanks! :D