April 21st, 2010

Let's have a chat guys!

I've been noticing lots of brands have been releasing both sailor-themed items and straw hats for the spring and summer. I think sailor lolita is really cute and have missed seeing it around. What do you all think about it? Are these really trends or do the brands always release sailor stuff and straw hats around this time?

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Lots of Reviews: Qcute, Kidsyoyo, Antaina, etc.

I've recently made a lot of lolita related purchases and now that the packages are coming in I figured I would do a product review ^^. This post is picture heavy, and I apologize ahead of time for any poor lighting/photo quality as I had to take pictures with my cell phone >.< .

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DC 9-15 meet


Hello! Right now, I'm working on a research project on lolita fashion for my Globalization of Japanese Culture class. I know there have been a lot of surveys lately and such, but my teacher for my class is really keen that I do some empirical research of my own as well. If anyone would be so kind as to fill out the survey, I would be very grateful.
There's 18 questions, 6 of which are open answer. I know that open ended questions take much longer to answer and I don't want to discourage anyone, so even if it's a short answer or no answer, I would be really happy. Thank you for your time! m(_ _)m

Here is the survey link!