April 20th, 2010

Portrait of Things To Come

Craft Post + Go Green Lolita

I'm a bit of a packrat, I hang on to just about everything that's remotely cute. Lately I've been going through my things and either donating, selling, or trying to recycle and find new uses for things that aren't sellable or donatable. Amoung these things are my old Baby, the Stars Shine Bright calendars.

I'm sure a lot of you can relate, they're outdated but the images are way too cute to not hang on to! They've just been sitting around in a storage container under my bed, though, and I can't really justify keeping things like that which will maybe only be looked at once every few months (if that!), so I've been trying to decide on ways I could put them to other uses.

Originally I was just thinking I'd cut the images out to use in paper crafts like scrapbooking or possibly card making. They sell blank calendars at my local craft store, so I even thought about making a new calendar, but that seemed silly because I'd just end up back at square one at the end of the year, haha. Finally I came up with an idea that I'm really pleased with because I think it will enable me to get the most continuing enjoyment... Cameos!


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I'd love to hear about what everyone else has ended up doing with things like this, whether it be brand calendars, flyers, tags, whatever!

Also on the subject of recycling or upcycling, from time to time I see some real fixer uppers out there for sale. I'm wondering, if there ever came a time when an article of clothing got to the point where it was beyond repair, what would YOU do with it? Try to reconstruct something out of the peices? Make a pillow? Throw it out? Try to sell it to someone else so they can deal with it? I'm curious to know!

Turning tights to socks?

So recently we learned that Secret Shop tights are not the greatest- they are rather tiny and won't fit anyone past 5'3" (see post here: community.livejournal.com/egl/15405606.html )
But I remember that some girls actual take the tights and cut them to be OTK socks with finished edges.
Are there any tutorials out there that show how to go and make finished socks from the OTKs? 

I would imagine that along with a finished edge a bit of lace, elastic, or something at the top would be best.
Course there is wearing garters, but those tend to get uncomfortable fast- does anyone have any non-garter suggestions?
GD Sunset

Dress drama ):

So I recently got the mint Jewellery Jelly JSK. I wore it for the first time on sunday, but one of my loli friends accidentally knocked over her ice tea on it.
I checked the clothing care tag on the comm, andsaw most AP prints were cold wash only, so I tried that. However, the stain hasn't gone out...
Does anyone have good tips for cleaning ice tea out of an AP print dress??

Any help is appreciated, I'd be so sad if I can't clean it.... ):

Skirt coords

Hey there egl!~ TBH I find skirt coords' so boringly plain all the time but I know that's my biased mindset demanding complexity. I'm trying to convince myself how cool skirts can be by buying one and I'm wondering if you guys can help me by giving coord' advice for making skirts go from plain to something awesome. Picture spam welcomed. Angry opinions welcomed but prepare for troll responses. Love for love. onward!