April 19th, 2010

What do you ladies wear in summer?

Especially when its around 80-85 degrees outside. Do you still wear full on socks and blouses underneath your jsks, and the petticoats?  or do the layers come off? Id love to see some examples of loliable summer clothes because most of the outfits ive seen seem more suited for fall or spring but when it comes to winter and summer the outfits become more akward-thats just my opinion though.

Classical Bodyline?

So, when my tax return comes in, I will have some monies for a dress. I am absolutely in love with Mary Magdeline's stuff, but even with a big return I can't justify spending that much on a dress. So then I ask you, egl, is there a shoppe that carries more classical items at bodyline like prices? (I realize sometimes bodyline has some classic stuff, but I don't care for it) Or, even better, is there a reputiatble place that sells dresses based on/inspired by Mary Magdeline that's not too pricey? Thanks ahead for your responses!

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Oh (Lolita) snap!

The Tokyo Episodes of Jessica Simpson Price of Beauty Airs Tonight

The episode of Price of Beauty where Jessica Simpson goes to Tokyo is tonight, but I just caught it a little bit ago.  Preface, VH1 sometimes shows new episodes of their new shows during the day, I don't know why they do this, but it comes in handy if you forget to watch something regularly; but that's how I managed to see this before the airing later night.  However, I missed most of the episode which focused on Japans old world version of beauty with the geisha girls, but I did catch the part where she went to Angelic Pretty.

It wasn't too terrible, or I should say, I didn't think it was too terrible.  Of course when the girl at AP introduced them to "Lolita" their eyes bugged out at hearing the word "Lolita", but there wasn't this emphases on it.  Overall, the segment was really short and not as awful as I was expecting.  And, in case you were wondering, yes, there does come a point where Jessica Simpson wears an AP once piece dress, which I don't really have an opinion about.
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aizen heart

Two Questions.

So I have two questions for all you lovely ladies (and gents) out there!

This year for PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) West in Seattle, I want to dress in lolita and want my boyfriend to dress up as well. He refuses to wear kodona, and frankly, I agree with him because he's a bigger guy and it would look a little funky on him.

But my question is: What should my boyfriend wear to "match" my lolita? I'm already looking into matching colors, and we were thinking about getting him a nice suit and whatnot. Anything your boyfriend has worn that looks good with lolita?

And my second question involves some pictures.

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So those are my questions. ^-^

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I know the two questions are quite unrelated.
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What Sandles would you pair with this Alice Jsk? lots of cute sandal links!

So im getting this alice in wonderland jsk from bodyline in black and pink:


I have this gorgeous Tarina Tarantino Alice in wonderland necklace to go with it that is pink and sparkly and features alice holding the baby pig that i got for my birthday :)
I also have a pink parasol/umbrella that i got from disneyland.
Im planning to wear my hair down with a black or pink bow headband, or i wish to make a hair barette that has a faux, realistic cake on it.
these are the options of sandals i was thinking of:
http://www.dsw.com/dsw_shoes/catalog/product.jsp?index=91&sort=&category=dsw12cat440004&prodId=202926&brand= black


http://www.urbanog.com/Promise-Vogue-Rosette-Flat-Sandal_111_6026.html -flower shoes in pink

http://www.urbanog.com/Misbehave-Sunny-10-Embellished-Thong-Flat_111_4301.html -pearl bow shoes in black
http://www.urbanog.com/Misbehave-Cavalli-Triple-Bow-Flat-Sandal_111_4533.html -super cute triple bow sandlas in pink or black
what do you guys think?

God I Love Waffles

PAX West Lolitas?

Because of a few girls telling me that they are going...

Who is all going to PAX West this year? I know that it's the same weekend as Kumoricon, which suuuucks, but some of us are big gamers and / or can't make it down to Portland so need to stay in WA.

I'm thinking of coordinating a meet-up for the con if enough people are interested!

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harry potter

circle lenses

I hope this is an okay topic to post about, but I'm wondering if any of you have circle lenses?

I just ordered one, Geo wing ash grey... and I'm so excited for them to get here!! Do you guys have any circle lenses? what brands/colors do you have? favorite brands? Pictures? everyone loves pictures! :D

Any tips/advice for people who have never worn these/any contacts before? XD (as in this girl right here)