April 18th, 2010


lolita in the UK

hihi everyone

i just started to join the egl community 10 minutes ago and i love it already.
At the moment i am looking for lolitas who live in the UK and someday i would love to meet you for a lolita day :3
So if you live in the UK and want to be friends, please comment or ask for my msn addy :3

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Wig question

I was wondering if there is an online shop that sells like those big curly wigs like that models in GLB somtimes wear, I looked but I havent been able to find any like that. I was wondering if anyone had a link to shop that sold wigs like that..
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I know you're all sick of talia posts..

But I wonder.. since my own friend has come out to talk about what is going on with her, should more reviews be made? RECENT transactions only, of course, but should this be brought out into the open more? Or is everyone sick of it?

I am saying this because I myself have just got through, mostly, my own commission problems with her, and I wonder if there are others too afraid of saying anything about it. I personally think all this drama should lead to something more influential, something that will leave more of an impact and show that EGL will not take obvious displays of terrible business transactions, perhaps a permanent ban.. Another person here said that if this were someone else, like a chinese company or something (i think i got that right)  it would have led to a ban by now.

If a permanent ban is in the works, let me know, I'll delete this post or a mod can so no one has to go through any more of this. But from what I know, it's still only temporary, and there are more of us out here.

I don't want to jump on the bandwagon, this is just affecting me and my friend and I'm tired of it, I don't think we should turn a blind eye or ignore it just because it's been a main topic for weeks. I know I won't be posting a review until I see the results of this post. If you're tired of hearing about it, it really won't help to post here, no offense. I'd like to see comments that are more than "stfu already," something with thought put behind it, please. Thanks guys~

Two quick questions

First; has anyone ever bought from this eBay store? I want to buy a wig from them, but they don't have pictures of their actual product and instead state the product is the style shown in the picture...

Second; Does anyone have any good hime/gyaru/ageha hair tutorials for shorter hair? I love the crazy mori-mori Ageha style hair, but all the tutorials are for hair that goes on forever. Thanks!

Accesories Galore!

So i as stumbling through the internet one day and i found these awesome websites that sell Lolita--friendly kind of things..Some of you may already know about these sites but i figured i would share with the rest of you guys.

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Emily Temple Cute Sizing

Hi girls.

I have been looking for a post about ETC and Shirley Temple sizes. I remember there was even a list that stated the measurements for some of their collections. I tried the search but came out empty. I even tried to google it with no luck.

So if anyone will be so kind to redirect me to this post or a similar one I would really appreciate it.

Lace Collars

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Hello! Do any of you know where to find lace collars such as these? Or perhaps wide eyelet lace trim similar to that so that I could make my own lace collar?

I know that Candy Violet used to sell something similar, but that was years ago. :(

Thanks :)