April 17th, 2010


Triple Fortune Order?

I wanted to know if anyone could inform me on how to order from Triple Fortune`s website?  I`m in japan at the moment and I got told that it`s possible, as getting a bonnet at Atelier Pierrot in Laforet is more expensive..

Anyone`s already tried?

Theme Post: Old egl

Im fairly new to ths community, Ive been a part of it for only a year, and I want to know how egl changed over the years. How was the first few years like? Something I especially want to know is what the posts were about. A lot of posts these days seem to be about the same kind of thing.

Models blogs

Hi, I really like looking at the pictures that models have on their blogs, but I only have the links to Misako Aoki's and sae's, I dont acually know any of the other's names so I was wondering if anyone could show me a list of blogs belonging to models of like GLB...thanks
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wa lolita advice?


i recently bought my first yukata,


and the only thing that i need help on, is what would i do with my hair and makeup?

do you have any pictures of this being done? ~

i do have other Lolita outfits, but since this obviously resembles a more of a japanese robe more, what would i changeas with makeup and hair?

any advice would help greatly!

thank you and i appologise if this is a dumb question ^_^;


EDIT: sorry if a cut wasn't provided, this was my first time encountering this isssue and i've had issues with this, even though it might be super easy for you , and i will try to make it work later, for now i just put a direct link, i am deeply sorry if i upset anyone ^_^;

new subtypes?

I'm curious, are there any substyles out there that people wish existed? I for one wish goddess lolita existed. and Bowie-lita (where you base your outfit off of outfits David Bowie has worn). Or maybe rocker lolita, it would probably look like a mix of industrial and ero though.
What do you think?
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