April 16th, 2010

Circle Lenses!

Hey egl! I've been doing some research on circle lenses and have failed to find sufficient sites of interest. The majority of the sites I've clicked on have lead me to some ghetto asian sites that look shady so I just wanted you guys' opinion. Apologizes in advance, if this has been answered before. I'm particularly looking for various websites that carry affordable lenses!

Thanks egl,

Tokyo meet-up on the 24th of April 2010

I`m sorry for the repeating, but it seemed the other post died out. So now the meet-up I wanted to do is on a completely other date. I settled upon the 24th April 2010. There`s a Tokyo Decadance the same night at Christon Cafe, so I guess we don`t need to go there for dinner in the end XD (except if you want! It`ll just end up being a hell of an expensive day)

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Men's lolita.

Hey egl!
My boyfriend explained to me the other day that he thinks it would be cute that when I'm in my lolita, he should be in something snazzy as well.
I've been looking for a place to buy Man-lolita but I can't find anywhere that sells it, let alone sells stuff that would actually fit his build.
He's not big or anything, he's just tall and has very broad shoulders, so if we have any problem, it's going to be that.

Does anyone know of any good sites that sells lolita made for a man's structure or that can custom size?
We're looking not so much for skirts, but for nice dress blouses and jackets and slacks.

Help with Stamp Series?

 I'm designing a series of stamps for a Problem Solving with Visual Media class, and I'm thinking of going with lolita fashion as a theme. The problem is, I don't have any photographs to work with. I'd rather not steal copyrighted photographs from brand sites or personal photographs posted by other lolitas without their permission. So, I was wondering if any members of this community would be so kind to post any photographs of themselves or even pieces of their wardrobe that I would have permission to use on this project. It'd be much appreciated, and if you'd like I can show you the finished product! :)

As for photographing myself in lolita, I haven't dressed up in ages and my wardrobe is sort of falling apart.
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~ Quick Secret Shop tights review ~

Just a really quick review on secret shop tights...

I've bought three pairs of the SS tights with roses down the legs. At first glance, they're absolutely lovely! But sizing is an issue IMO.

These tights are seriously not stretchy enough. When pulled up as high as they can go, they're too short.

I wouldn't recomend them for anyone over 5'3" or who wears over a 28" leg or with slightly chubby legs. Mine have ripped a massive hole in the crotch over the space of a few hours from being too tight... Now they'd only be wearable with long-ish bloomers to hide the rip.

I'm 5'5", a UK size 8-10 and in high street tights I wear any size really, S/M/L isn't an issue for me usually. I have 21" wide thighs...

Not impressed.
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Your Findings!

Often on shopping trips I always go for normal clothes, however ever since getting into lolita I also keep a keen eye out for what could match so in similar style to wing 's meme for 'What's in your bag', what have you bought recently to fit with your lolita that isn't brand.

Come on, get your cameras out and share, you may inspire some to get on for a shopping trip....(the sales are on after all......)
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The Volcano eruption in Iceland, and how its affecting European parcel's being shipped.

I hope everyone is well, especially those in Iceland at the moment. As of the eruption in Iceland, most if not all the airports are closed in Europe in danger that the particals from the ash, from the volcano will damage the engines. The ash contains molten glass, which stops the machinery functioning properly, causing a huge danger.

This includes all packages being shipped from other countries, they aren't able to land to deliver the parcels, so shipping will be difficult for a while for us Eurpean lolita's. I say this as I ordered something online and they told me shipping shall be severly slow as of the closing of all or most Eurpean countries airports. There could be a delay of a week plus, if the ash does not shift.

I  don't know if this is affecting all of Europe, but for England there is delay in all aviation transport/shipping. So if anybody has ordered anything from the US, or is waiting for a package to arrive to the US or any other country outside Europe please be aware it shall be difficult to post or recieve any items at the moment.

I hope all the Icelandic lolita's are safe, and that there are no more delays soon.
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I would like to announce our new, LJ-based, feedback community!
It's located at eglfeedback, please take a look, read the rules and request a feedback page here.

Everyone requesting feedback pages, please read:

If you are in need of a feedback page immediately, PM oh_tralala, who will have your page up as soon as possible.
However, if you can wait, please post to the request a feedback post, where laviefantasque will handle your request.

When requesting your feedback page, please copy, fill out, and send the following information:

Username at DBS (should match your LJ User Name):
Additional Feedback (eBay, Etsy, etc):
If your LJ is connected to another account (old or sales account), please mention the LJ username:

If you own an Online Shop or Shopping service:

Website/Shopping Service Account:
Username at DBS:
Additional Feedback:


The idea is simple: everyone requests their own page with their active username, this will be linked under the corresponding letter posts and tagged with the first character of the username. When you're looking for feedback, you can use the list or the tags. The posts will include all comments, positive, neutral and negative equally. Use this information before deciding to buy or sell!

The moderators of this community are the same people who moderate the sales community.

With the creation of this new community, there will be new rules put in place on the community sales:

You HAVE to link to your feedback in your posts on egl_comm_sales [which was already a rule], and now this includes a post on eglfeedback
In other words, you can direct people to your personal journals, your eBay and Etsy feedback but you HAVE to always link to your feedback page on the new community as well. This will be the official community-linked source. If you have no feedback yet, request a page and mention this on your post.

Feedback has to be a direct link.
No "I have feedback on the community" or "I have feedback on my journal" or "on ebay under the name xyz". The link has to go to the actual feedback page.

Feedback should be mentioned on ALL posts on egl_comm_sales
It doesn't matter if you're selling, buying, hosting a group order or looking for something... You have to link your feedback!

NOTICE! In order to make that all these new changes are going over well, we're moderating posting to egl_comm_sales. This will last for as long as is needed, we hope no longer than 4 weeks.
Please go over all the sales rules before posting, this will ensure a quick acceptance and make it easier for everyone! Thanks for your cooperation.

And one last mention for the use of eglfeedback:

You can use tags and comments to see if a user has bad feedback! The system is now set up so that a post gets tagged "!scammer" and "!negative", be sure to check that out.
Also always remember to look at the list of banned users. Which can be found here.

I will post this announcement on both egl and egl_comm_sales and link to this post in the header of egl_comm_sales as well as eglfeedback