April 15th, 2010

Best work for a lolita?

 (I'm not sure this is an appropriate topic :/ Please excuse my poor english, I do my best to learn ^^)

To your mind, what is the better place for a lolita to work? 
For example, what would you think about a lolita who works for the army (not as a soldier :) )?

EDIT: I just wanted to talk about the imaginary, like "where is the place you do imagine a lolita work?". I agree with the fact that work IS work, I just found the idea, well, funny :)


Ok, my favorite dress happens to be Halloween themed.  Would it be weird to wear it now (or in general, not around Halloween time)? 

The dress is made from this fabric:
angelic pretty

Lolita fashion podcasts?

Wouldn't it be cool if someone started a podcast on iTunes or whatever dedicated to lolita fashion ♪
It could help introduce a lot of new people to the community too.
Updates on latest brand releases~
Problem solving~

What do you think?

Lolita Stores in Italy?

Hi all! I'll be going to Italy on a school trip at the end of the month. I was calculating my funds and realized that I have a little bit more money than I thought!

So I was wondering, are there any lolita or loli-able stores in Italy? We'll be touring all around.
I'll be going to:
-Pisa, Florence, Siena, Padua, Venice, Assisi, Orvieto, Rome

Unfortunately I won't be able to travel in lolita, since we have to pack light and my professor is stern about drawing unwanted attention to our group, but if any Italian lolita wants to meet or something, I'm completely fine with that too!

Thanks everyone. :)

Anna House blouse laundering question

Since I couldn't find anything when I searched about this I will ask myself.

I just got this blouse from Anna house and the tag says that it can only be hand washed. I'm a little confused now since I usually just throw blouses in the wash and they always turn out fine. Also, can I machine dry it? It doesn't say anything about that. In short, will the thing die if I use a dryer and/or washing machine?
I'm Not A Princess


 I'm pretty sure theres been a post about this before.

Does anyone know where I can get parasols in Vancouver, BC or online? I've looked in Lolita Handbook and found nothing.