April 14th, 2010

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[Meme] What's In Your Bag?

I know it's not part of this month's theme or anything, but I thought this would be a fun idea so I'm posting :3

So, what do you ladies (and gentlemen) of lolita carry with you when you're out and about? This is what I take with me on a daily basis whether it's to a meetup or just going to the supermarket. Let's share~! ♥

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Proper Dress for Lolita Fashion?

Hi there....I just joined today! I read the rules, and I`m pretty sure this is allowed, but if it`s not feel free to delete it.

Well, I`m planning on buying a lolita dress soon. But from Rakuen. I`ve seen negative reviews here about it, but positive elsewhere. I know the quality isn`t the best, but you get what you pay for. And since I`m pretty young, I can`t afford $300+ dresses, especially if I had to order online. So yeah...quality isn`t really an issue for me now. I don`t mind if my lace frays or if my petticoat isn`t poofy enough. I got what I paid for, and...I don`t plan on going to any Lolita meets any time soon, so this is just for my own pleasure.

Besides, I live in a big city....a low quality dress I wouldn`t feel so bad about trekking all over the place with it, lol...if it was Mary Magdalene on the other hand...haha no way would I take public transit with it on XD

...so, yeah! I own a few semi-lolita dresses, but this is the first actual one I would like to order. I would like to know your opinions on it. Is the style of it awkward or bad? Or is it tacky? I need some expert advice!

Thank you so much in advance!

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Opinions on my first lolita buy

I'm a total newbie, and I'm thinking of buying this outfit from F+F, let me know what y'all think. I had pix on here but I cant figure out the cut thing so I'm just gonna post the links, sorry y'all but on the plus side they have multiple pix for each item.
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Blouse (the badge is detachable)

Petticoat ( I may go for a different one after reading myoholucky's review) does anyone have any suggestions?


Thanks for the help

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My lolita timeline

I decided to do this because I just recently dug up some old photos from when I started out!

Although I don't have a picture of my first lolita outfit... it was actually better than my second one haha.

I missed a lot of parts out because most of my photos are on a different computer so Im taking these all off facebook. P:

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Lolita on Tyra Show?

So I have been watching the Tyra show a lot lately and thought, "Why not get Lolita's on there and really show the world what is going on?" Because I know that when I wear lolita it is all about "WHAT are you wearing?" "Weirdo." "...So you seduce older men...?" And it's aggravating but also, they are questions that will be asked. And why not tell everyone what Lolita is and how is helps us be who we are?

Is anyone else up for this because I would love to find out details on how we can do this!
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GLB IW pattern

So I recently bought vol 34 of the GLB.
I really want to sew the Innocent World blouse pattern, but as I am quite new to sewing, and the pattern is in Japanese I can't really figure it out. Yes, I have read the guides online and can roughly figure out what the shapes are meant to be, but it would be really helpful if someone could give me some instructions on how to sew the blouse?