April 13th, 2010

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julliet et justine ordering paranoia

I was preparing to order from the julliet et justine website, and i noticed that where you select the item to put it the cart, some options are marked with a triangle and others aren't. What does this mean? Something about the availability? I want to know for sure that its nothing important before i order, and it isn't mentioned in the shopping guide.
thanks in advance~
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(ita) lolita spotting on Sarah Silverman

I was watching the newest Sarah Silverman program earlier, and to my surprise, I see a girl wearing a lolitaesque ensemble! It is, by no means, a good example of lolita or anything (its this crappy old Bodyline dress: ), but I thought it was interesting/relevant enough to share. You can see it at 2:02- shes hanging out with a group of goths whom Sarah invites into her van:
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Just an FYI, in case anyone cares

I know there was discussion before about how Jessica Simpson's new show The Price of Beauty looked like it was going to feature a segment on lolita fashion, and I wanted to let people know that they will in fact be talking about lolita (along with geisha and other aspects of the Japanese beauty aesthetic) on next week's episode.

I'm cautiously optimistic because so far the show has seemed to be pretty decent. It doesn't really delve too deeply into how or why the beauty ideals of the countries featured came to be, and part of each episode is dedicated to showing Jessica and her friends going to the spa (I suppose just to show the oh-so-wacky beauty treatments valued in that country). Overall though I'd say it's not a terrible show and they seem to be pretty open to everything they encounter and everything featured on the show.

So next Monday night, VH1. Lolitas will be there.

Loli coord in my dream !

I had a dream, this night, about lolita (yes, i dream about it, too).
And in this dream, I wore a circus coord, I really fell inlove!
It's weird, because I wore the Marionnette Girl by Angelic Pretty, and I never really liked this dress, but now, it probably one of my dream ones! I really want it now!

I wanted to share this with lolitas then I made the coord that I dreamt about.

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What do you think about it? Did I just made a crazy dream, or it is a good coord ? xD

Did you ever dream about lolita coord, dress, etc?
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Ozawa Mai question

Hello again everyone.
I ordered as usual some items from her service, including some putumayo clothes.
But she didn't reply to me since 31 March
Does anybody else got this problem and/or hear her? I know she's really busy, but it's passed almost two week.

Bodyline Blouse Question

So I am planning on buying some basics from Bodyline, but I would like to know how the quality in general for the blouses is, or if it varies. Also, if you own this blouse: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=3464&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_7&noSubType=N(L059 if the link doesn't work) could you tell me how it is? Or, if you own a certain bodyline blouse that is good quality, can you tell me which one you own? Thank you!
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Searching for a style that may or may not exist...

Hi there egl! I haven't seen anything of this ilk asked recently, but my apologies (and prompt deletion of this post) if it has.

I am somewhere between a sweet and classic lolita, moving steadily away from the former. However, I don't wear lolita day-to-day; it tends to be too impractical (petticoats in a lab are outright dangerous!) uncomfortable, expensive and time-consuming. I consider fairykei and/or spank outfits a more casual alternative to sweet lolita; that is, they have many of the same motifs (cakes, puppies, toys) and a similar colour scheme, but with less extravagance, volume, and cost.

My question is- what is the equivalent for classic lolita? Are there any other (more daily-wear-able) fashions that have a similar aesthetic? know about morigirl and natural kei (though have not found many resources on the latter beyond phuqqit_'s link list in the lolita_indies comm, and a dead tumblr), but I don't think either of those encapsulate quite the same look.
On a similar note, any picture of classic lolita pieces in casual co-ordinates is also appreciated!
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Photo request: school uniform type stockphotos

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a wonderful day today. But I was wondering if you could help me out.

I know that lolita brands come out with school uniform type series, so I was wondering if you could all help me out in collecting some photos for these items.

I am also looking for bags, hats, accessories that are relevant.

thanks :D
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Lolita Rocking Horse Shoes: Ribbon or Leather?

GAH! If has already been posted, delete >,<''



I was planning to order Loli rocking horse shoes, but I couldn't decide whether I wanted ribbon straps, or leather straps. Considering I never ordered/bought any Lolita shoes TTvTT'' (hehehe, new to Lolita) I thought it would've been a better idea to just ask more experienced Lolitas ^^ What are the pros and cons of ribbon straps? What are the pros or cons of leather straps..?

The Ribbon shoes-


The Leather shoes-


I was also planning to order shoes from rosechocolat, but I read reviews saying the shoes are bad quality and the heels are made out of foam.. Is that true? o.o Or is it a Hit or Miss company?

Also, where did you get your RHS?

Kyaan~ Thanks so much^^


Here is the Info I collected from you guys! Thanks :)

Leather RHS



-Keeps shoes from rolling out of place

-Doesn't get damaged as easily

-Doesn't untie itself


-Seems to roll down socks (doesn't stay up as long)

-If strap snaps off, it's hard to replace.

-Harder to deal with (tying, storing, cleaning, etc)

Ribbon RHS


-Easy to replace (it's ribbon XD)

-Light, easy to manage

-hiding/removing ribbon makes it easier for storage and gives some variety in ways to wear your RHS (RHS without straps)

- Don't fall down as easily


-Ribbon gets dirty easily and straps need to replaced more frequently.

-Falls down easily (depends on the way you tie it, I guess o.o)

-Harder to lace up (the ribbon is too flimsy)


Of course, most of these Cons can be fixed with the amazing Toupee Glue (sock tape/glue)~


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