April 12th, 2010

Closet Child Question

I placed an overseas order with Closet Child, and got an email that suggested I could hole the item for a month. I've ordered from them in the past, but this is the first time I've heard of being able to hold something. Has anyone else encountered this? Is this just a mistranslation or can you actually have them hold an item?
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Ordering from Bodyline-has anyone ordered this dress(L136)?

so im ready to order my first dress from bodyline but i need advice. has anyone ever done it before? im confused about the sizing thing. are their sizes accurate? and they seem sorta big for me. im trying to order an alice in wonderland jsk and it is giving me the size 2L, m, T2L. im a chest size 32 inches, natural waist is 26 and hips size 36.5. they are saying that their smallest size has a chest size of 37 inches and waist of 30. do you think it is worth it to buy the dress if it wont fit me perfectly? am i correct in my sizing? i feel like i am misreading it because they are giving multiple numbers next to each other. their faq is not helpful at all and they have a no return policy. bleh. i really love the dress though becasuse it is alice in wonderland. any help or suggestions?

edit: here is the pic of the dress http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp?type=gothic&subType=jskirt

have any of you ordered this specific dress? did you like it?
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NYC Event/Filming: Swan Lake Masquerade Ball


Kato Productions will be filming and interviewing guests at the Dances of Vice Swan Lake Masquerade Ball on April 30th for their upcoming documentary feature film LoliGirls: The Story Behind the Frills and Bows. I hope some of you will be able to attend and represent the Lolita scene in New York!

The event program will feature live Baroque music, harpsichord, ballet, opera, and an opulent 18th Century inspired fashion show. Please spread the word to other Lolis and RSVP on Facebook!

Details about the event can be found on dancesofvice.com. To find out more about the project, please visit lolitafashionmovie.com.
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Utterly Confused

I checked the page for my current dream dress (to pine, of course~) and I saw that the price had been reduced.


Then, I ran the page through google translator, and suddenly the price had been cut in half.


I know it's not just the site itself changing-- the google translator version has it as 99.00 somethings, and the original has it as 14,553 yen.

... Seriously, what's going on? I didn't see anything on the site about a sale. And-- why would the price change in Google Translator? I don't think it's converting the price to US dollars... if it was, the price would be higher than $144, right?

Somebody explain this to me. I want to know if I should rejoice or not. ^^;
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Postcard image Request BTSSB

Hey (:
I bought the Heart Marble Cookie JSK by Baby in pink, and I had a postcard with it with the jsk worn. I really liked how it was all put together - it inspired me.
I foolishly gave away the postcard when buying a really cute baby OP
But I was wondering - does anyone have the image?
I just want to remember the full outfit ^^
Thank you ~

Lolitas in Norway?

Hello there :)
i don't know if this is allowed, but i was wondering if there are any lolitas in the area in or around Stavanger? i'm in Stavanger for this week (until saturday) and i expect to be here a little in the summer too. anyone wanna meet up?
btw. i'm pretty new to lolita, so i think it might be good for me to meet and see some "real" lolis :) and i'm hella bored here :D
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