April 11th, 2010

List of Lolita Substyles

Can someone list some lolita substyles. Nothing like guro, shiro, or kuro. I'm talking about loli that isn't worn that often, and is very difficult to pull off, for ex. steampunk loli or cyber loli.
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A Question.

Please delete if this is not allowed etc.

I'm just after a bit of help. I have just returned from Japan and when i was in Harajuku (dressed in my Lolita best) i was stopped by a Japanese lady and asked if she could take my photo for a publication. I was with my boyfriend and we had to write a message to each other on a very large pad, we were asked all sorts of questions and then they took photos of us together, on our own, with and without our messages. Now as i am stupid i never asked her what magazine it was for and i am now trying to track it down. I was just wondering if anybody on here knows of any magazines where people are stopped in the street, asked to write a message and are then photographed.

I noticed that those either dressed in Lolita or Cosplay where the only ones being stopped, which is why i have asked in this community, however if anyone knows of a community where this question would be more relevant, please let me know!

Thank you for your time.

lolita meet-ups-general, and diy related

Hey guys, so im new here and ive never been to a lolita meet-up. a while ago i saw a bunch of lolis in the subway and thought  itd be cool. the only thing is though that ive been a bit nervous about attending. i love the lolita style, good manners, and general beautiful feminity and grace that it evokes but im not into the whole brand name thing and ive heard that some lolis can be a bit snippity when it comes to that. have people experienced this? im especially eager to hear about the NYC lolitas.

also, has anyone ever hosted a meet-up where it was mainly diy themed?if yes, how did it work out? would anyone be interested in doing that? im moving to the city and would love to have a diy themed tea party, maybe in central park,  where everyone could make crafts and share in their creativity. preferably in june when i finish the semester and have time to devote to fun, lol. any interest?

Well, lesson learned.

So I have a long documented problem with Suppurate System. Everything basically came to a head today.

So here's a warning: Don't bother buying from them unless you have a Japanese SS who is dedicated and can harass them in Japanese via phone or other means, or can simply buy physically from places like Kera Shop. If you buy international, and if anything goes wrong, you have close to no hope of getting ANY help from them whatsoever. They will shut you out completely, even if you basically hold the door for them and make it easier to sort things out.

Also: When dealing with PayPal and filing a bank chargeback against them due to a dispute time being *over* 45 days, don't do it. I filed a bank chargeback (as advised) almost a month ago, and PayPal turned around and bit me in the ass by taking it all back again from my PP balance just TODAY, leaving me with a negative balance and screwing up a purchase I was trying to make. ¬_¬ Once again I'm basically out of $140.
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Buying Petticoats In Store

It's about time I got a petticoat so does anyone know where I could buy one in store; not online. Preferrably somewhere around the Tri-City area and San Francisco the farthest.

I know of a place that sells Leg Avenue petticoats but I heard those aren't good and too short.

Thank you for the help! :D


Lolita Timeline

Actually I follow this community for quite awhile but never post here anything... so this is the first one. ^^;
I like the idea of showing one's own history and it's really interesting how much somebody changed.

I knew Lolita since 2005, buying my first Bible etc, but began to wear it a year later in 2006.

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Qutieland Question and Spring

I'm going to be placing a Qutieland order fairly soon, and I have a question.
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I recently got a new job which pays significantly more than my last one, and one of the best things about that is being able to expand my lolita wardrobe a little bit. I've typically stuck with black outfits in the past, but with the spring weather, I'm starting to find sweet kind of attractive. Does anyone have any outfits you were just dying to wear as soon as spring hit?

*I examined the Qutieland site a bit and edited my question a bit.*

A Bodyline Review

Well it's been a while since I got anything from here but recently a friend of mine decided to buy me two dresses as a very, very late graduation present. In my last review I lamented the lack of dark-colored loli clothing at Bodyline. Well... Collapse )
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