April 10th, 2010

Baby Cthulu

Monthly Theme: Flower

Last month, I received the hair corsage I had commissioned from etsy.

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The corsage is made by Uncommon Facade/ioianthe , crafted from leather and made to look like a natural black rose. The rose corsage is 5 in long, 4 in tall and 2 in wide. The picture is from the maker and it doesn't do the actual color justice. I haven't had a chance to wear it with an outfit, yet, so there is no outfit picture.

Yet Another Media Glossover

Browsing through Hulu, the front page hit me with this snippit about "Gothic Lolitas" on a channel called Best of the Rest (the specific show being Dressed for Action, Part 7). It has gems that include our inspiration being trying to imitate anime characters and Power Ranger villains, but has rather surprising twists of awesome like interviewing actual Japanese lolitas about why they wear/like lolita. It heavily spotlights Takuya Angel complete with an interview of the head designer, Takuya Sawada. Basically they mistakenly lump everything in Harajuku into lolita fashion, but it's neat to see the inside of clubs and stores in any case.  Also note the hilarity of Japanese lolitas being catty, "I think it's okay to dress up as Goth if the person is handsome or beautiful. But if not, I find it a bit weird." LOL.


I've been hunting about for a couple of days, the internet, daily lolita, here and everywhere it seems. Looked through good ol' 'offbrand' stores, like Annahouse and Bodyline, and even browsed BTSSB and AP (only to have small heart attacks at the prices). And after all this, for the love of me, I cannot find any nice boleros.

It seems that offbrand OPs, JSKs, blouses and shoes (the basics) are plentiful, and it's quite nice for newbies like myself (and ontop of that, those of us from NZ. Exchange rate D:). But the little things are a little harder to hunt down..

So my question, egl, bountiful basket of lolita knowledge, where can one buy cheaper lolita boleros? Is is full blown brand the only way to go?

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Photo request Angelic pretty Piano Bag

I'm searching for some pics of the Piano Bag by Angelic Pretty in black and white, because I received as a gift a bag that i'm quite sure it's the Lolita Baby Angel's replica of AP's bag, but I was curious about how it differs from the original (but I can't find any pic of AP's one)

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Photopost: Sweet Jam Bear Picnic

So Sarah/grimy13 decided to enter the Tokyo Rebel photo contest that is being held right now, and asked me to shoot for her. I decided that she should wear Sweet Jam, and we would have a Teddy Bear Picnic themed photoshoot in the woods near my house. Unfortunately, it started pouring here, and didn't stop most of the morning. This had me driving to Hobby Lobby at 9am with my mom, to search for props and scenery we could use. An hour later, we set up this little scene in my game room and had at it with the camera.

Sheets, a dividing screen, two ladders, curtains from my canopy bed, a door-frame decorator, and gingham lantern lights all went into the production of the set. I also bought fake fruit and other food, and matching plates and flatware for the picnic. All in all, it worked out well (even with the ghetto-rigged reflector, care of my dad's painting kit and my car's windshield sunscreen).

I hope you like the shots! Any constructive criticism on any of the photos is highly appreciated for future reference. :)

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