April 6th, 2010


Style Diary

Hi everyone!
I decide to start a video style diary so I can document different lolita looks and outfits I put together. The first look I tried to put together is a Gothic Lolita look for an April photo-shoot I am doing. This is my first time ever making a video so please let me know what you think! Thanks!

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History of Brand Designs?

What I'm looking for, and I'm not sure whether it even exists, is someplace where there are names and pictures of every OP/JSK/skirt created by a brand, in chronological order. A sort of history, or archive, of brand designs. I'm not talking about prints as such (I'm aware of the AP prints history video that was put together recently)

What brings this up is, I seem to like what's known as 'old school sweet', and classic items, but finding examples is dificult, as it's hard to find old stock pictures without knowing exactly what you're looking for, and also, I see a lot of questions from people asking what a certain design is called, asking for stock pictures of a design, etc. The best we can do is look through GLB scans, which isn't very direct.

If there isn't a database like this, there should be :D I'm too new to lolita to know much about anything older than this seasons styles though.

I digress

Is there a way of seeing the older designs of a brand such as, say, Mary Magdeline or Juliette et Justine, or even 'old school' Angelic Pretty or BTSSB, without just randomly searching for images on a google search?
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MOON -Kana- First US Appearance with DJ SiSen

Whew~! I just FINALLY finished writing up my review of MOON -Kana-'s first US appearance with DJ SiSen!
It ended up being so big I had to split it up into two parts XD (html started hating me after a while)

For those who are interested, the first part can be found here:
at the bottom there is a link to take you to the second part~!

Please note this is quite image heavy (especially the second part)~
If you don't feel like reading everything (I wrote a lot too!) at least enjoy the pictures!

ah! and if you were there, I'd love to know who you are!

comments are always appreciated ^-^

~<3 chiiyo_rin

Striped Fabric

Hello ladies! I am trying to find a fabric resembling this Alice print dress:

(as modeled by Zeruda on lookbook)

and am having the hardest time! I'm looking for something with just the thick blue and pink stripes, not including the Alice border print. I've searched Fabric Shack, Super Buzzy (on Etsy) eQuilter & JoAnn's & haven't even come close. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be! If you have any other suggestions, please let me know, I've run out of ideas. Thank you!

Cyperous Wigs update

Cyperous's English website might be a little wonky right now, but their Japanese end is updated and some veeeery interesting new updates (albeit all in Japanese).

1. You can now custom-order colours and wigs from them! That includes duo-colouring, styling, volumnizing, whatever! Prices are of course steeper than usual but considering the mess of options they're giving you, if you're a stickler for perfection/quality and money isn't an issue, this may be a fantastic option for you. It does seem a little visual-kei/cosplay-leaning, but I'm sure you guys can think of the perfect OTT pink/mint duocolour wig or blue/black Moitiesque weave. :D

Unfortunately it does take up to 2 months to make, and I can't confirm if this will be available for international ordering anytime soon, but it's something to mull over!

2. This one has more practical interest: WIG-STYLING TUTORIALS!

Some gorgeous hime/gyaru-themed hair there (and one very elegant, natural-kei type), but I know a lot of you love OTT cottoncandy fright wigs (I KNOW I DO), and they give the absolute perfect tutorial there for it (using only one wig!). The pics are 80% self-explanatory, but even if you're not into styling, frankly the pictures they have here are probably the best solid evidence (and advertisement) at how high of a quality Cyperus wigs are - the sheer amount of fiber without added extensions is dizzying. The page also includes regular tips on reforming partings on wigs, how to backcomb, and the magic of extensions. :O

Now if only their clip-in fringes didn't cost as much as the wigs themselves ...

Hair sprays in Japan?

A little stranger question-

My hair needs really good hair spray. Any humidity above 50% kills the curls.   Matrix's Biolage extra (firm hold) spray is the only stuff that has proven to work. I'm going to Japan in a few months and want curls, but they won't happen unless I can bring the hair spray.  It's in a spay can, so I don't believe I can bring that with me on the plane (correct me if I'm wrong and I'll delete).
So I was wondering what good hair sprays are out there in Japan? I ask because I was wondering if there are any recommendations in any of the recent Kera's or GLBs.