April 3rd, 2010

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a life ENTIRELY lolita

So I was thinking about the high waist dresses that were brought up in the most recent post about meta's new dresses and wondered.... what if there was a lolita who really WAS pregnant and wore high waisted dresses for that purpose? :D

What if absolutely everthing you ever wore in your life was lolita?

So basically, I'm just having some fun thinking of some scenarios in everyday life that can be made fun by being loli!
For instance, tomorrow I have to do some gardening so that all of my little veggies and flowers can grow, but instead of shorts and a t-shirt like I would usually wear, what would it be like loli-fied?
Perhaps some bloomers, a sunhat and a tank blouse? Or something country lolita? bonnet? XD

Lets have some creative fun time and come up with some out of the ordinary places for a lolita to be as well of what kind of styles that would fit! ^^

some ideas for those who are stumped:
factory worker
inventor/ lab science
fast food employee
police woman
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Helf a future Mac owner in the quest for adorable covers?

Hey there, girls!

I am about to purchase a Macbook Air, and inspite of knowing I am able to slip it between my schoolbooks and carry it just like that in my backpack, I am urging to buy a slip-in cover for extra protection. I'm talking about those plain covers with no straps, no pockets, solely for the purpose of protecting the core and lid of the computer, you know? 
The thing is, though, that I don't know of any places that sell cute, loli-esque (never thought I'd use that word!) computer covers. As I believe most of us have a thing for making everything around us pretty, can you enlighten me and tell me where I might get one like that? I'm especially looking for covers with damask patterns, but I'm also keen on those with "obvious lolita hints" (lace patterns, bows, crowns, roses, etc.)

I'm thinking of something like this:

And if you could share some links or places where you get other cute computer gadgetry compatible with us lolitas, that'd be sweet :] I personally have nothing to share, as there's not much I can do for a seemingly old spiteful, stubborn computer that I know that I'll change sooner than I lose my nerves.

Oh, and just out of curiosity, does any of you know if the Macbook Air comes in black? o:

Thank you very much for your help!

Wedding Dress

 Hey people,

I'm new here and I used to be part of all kinds of lolita communities when i used LJ like 5 yrs ago!! Just started using LJ again and I have an important question so thought I'd join again.

My boyfriend and I are getting engaged soon and I'm a little eager to find the perfect dress for me... I really really want a lolita style dress for my wedding, its gonna be not a very expensive wedding but an artsy and creative one... I've been looking EVERYWHERE online but not having much luck... 

...help? Anyone know where I can find a lolita dress that would be suitable for a wedding??

Waah! Nearly Between Sizes! Is this Risky?

I would love to order a dress from Qutieland sooo much! JSKs, skirts, and OPs alike keep a common size for waists at 60-68 cm. Oversize is normally 68 - 85? Busts are at 80-88cm for regular and Oversize is over 88.

I've got an 84cm bust but a 69-72 fluctuating waist. Should I risk getting the common size?! Do they give a little at all? Is a waist squishy enough to tie down like that without too much discomfort? It seems like getting the Oversize could get ..frumpy?
Victoria Martina

help with milk and bodyline heart shaped bags

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone can help me with the dimensions of MILK and/or Bodyline's Heart shaped handbag. I just adore Milk's heart shaped bags~ it's my current dream bag! Both Milk and BL's bags look fairly large but I just cant be sure of the actual size.. does anyone here own one? I'm also curious about it's material, what exactly is it made of; is it durable?? Milk's bag looks like its made of pleather and BL's looks like a shiny vinyl...am I right?

anyways I'd really like some help with:

overall bag height:
overall bag width:
heart-shape height:
heart-shape width:
strap length:
strap width:

oh and if possible, does anyone have pictures of the little details of the bags (I just loveeeee the little details jeje) pics like bag interior, zippers, pockets, and side and bottom shots if possible<3

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thanks in advance!