April 2nd, 2010

sweet lolita munchies

Socks <3

So, I'm a total knee-high sock junkie, and while killing time at my local mall I walked into Hot Topic and they had a very cute selection of knee-high socks that would totally work with some Lolita coordinations. They had some black ones with a white and black poker suite down the side, some black and gray with red heart argyle ones, some black with white "lace-up" pattern, and some various heart patterns. They also had some with musical notes!

You can see some of them here. Though, I'm not sure why they're showing some of the knee-highs as thigh highs on the models. It makes them look dumb and stretched out, and bad quality but from what I could tell at the store, the ones I mentioned were all knee high length and should fit fine - I bought the poker suite ones and they looked fine since I kept them at the knee, and they're pretty soft. Worth the price IMO.

Yeah, I know. Omigodhottopicisevilandshit - but, hey, for those of you who don't care who it comes from, only that you like it, then you should check it out. They were 6.99 each, I believe.

Ta-ta. :)

PS: I haven't seen these posted, but if they were...my bad, yo.

Regarding Angelic Pretty at La Foret

Ok so this might be a weird question but does anyone know of the girl that works at the La Foret store who has grey purple hair? I'm trying to remember if her hair was real or just a wig, in either case, I've been having a hard time trying to match my hair color to hers. lol. Can someone tell me if it's bleached+dyed or if it's just a really nice styled wig.


Where to find high-quality millinery roses?

I did a mass thumping of EGL search, but the results were not very helpful (and rather old). So, does anyone know of an online seller that retails high-quality realistic millinery roses in vivid colours? I need one that ships to Canada, and hopefully a seller that's reputable and not some obscure shop in New York that has a dubiously updated HTML website that seems to date back from Yahoo frontpage days. Colours in particular I want are vivid red and royal blue (a la Moitie).

Example of the quality I'm looking for:

Velvet or regular fabric, I'm looking for good flowers that have finished edges - I've trawled through Etsy as well and they're mostly either half-shredded at the petal edges or are lumpy barely-roses made from rolled satin (meant for appliques). I want to DIY either a fascinator or a huge stonking goff hat like this, rather than paying $200 to ship one from Japan. *desk*

Thanks ahead of time!