April 1st, 2010

Lolita Fenris

Bodyline Picture Request (for prom?)

So prom is in 2 weeks, April 17th, and I can't find a dress in stores that I actually like (that no one will have) so I decided I want to be loli for prom. Haha. Well anyway, I decided since I was going out to eat and stuff after prom I didn't want to go with brand, because....I am me, and I spill EVERYTHING on myself when Im trying to be careful. *sigh* Bodyline has been good to me in the past, and the clothes is durable and I can treat it every which way I want. (I dont) It may sound like I have procrastinated in buying my prom dress, but they haven't even told us the theme yet. I had to ask my class president. -_-

I was wondering if anyone has a picture of this dress worn in black or red: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp?name=/bodyline/photos/l087-2.jpg

I saw a review of the dress but it was pink and was not worn....so..yeah.

Or this dress in black? It looks like it could be either a hit or a miss though....but I wanted to see how it looked worn. :o

Thank you in advance! Also does anyone know of place other than bodyline that will get to me before April 17th? I wanted to try qutieland, but I dont think it will get to me in time.

Tokyo meet-up, again!!

Hey lovelies in Tokyo!

I missed the meet-up in march so as I stated, I want to make another one here in April! I'm just here visiting, first time in Japan so I'm all free and excited about meeting other lolitas in loli heaven. I'm thinking of doing the meet around the 11th of April, we'll see what day will suit you best though.

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Fashion Sketches: Antebellum Inspired

Some of you may remember the post I made a little while back that had a slew of research images for Antebellum fashion - a subset of fashion in the Victorian era that is associated with the American South.

I mentioned that I would be designing some lolita clothing inspired by some of the trends specific to Antebellum - pagoda sleeves, shawls, triangular bodice fronts. Y'all said y'all were interested, so here they are!

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What do you think? Things you loved? Things you didn't love? What works, what doesn't? Fire away!

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Hi everyone...

My boyfriend broke up with me a couple of weeks ago. You might wonder how this relates to lolita... well, for last christmas he bought me by dream dress (sugary carnival in black of course).

Now I can't bare to look at it, it just brings back the sad memories...

At the same time, I don't think I can sell it as it was a gift from him and I don't want to profit out of it.

I think the best thing to do would be to give it away to the most deserving person.

So I guess, leave your reasons for derserving it here :)

I think this kind gesture might cheer me up?

EDIT... BAWWW no one noticed my amazing user icon D:
Pigeon ?

Sweet Lolita-ish?

Hey so I'm new here and I have loved EGL fashion for a few years a while now. I've also been making my own outfits and such and totally having fun with it.

Anywho, the reason for my post is because I've had this fabric for the longest time and was thinking if it could pass as sweet lolita?

picture --> http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r238/Sockai-chan/lolita-fabric.jpg

Sorry for the crappiness >.< But the main color of the fabric is an orangy pink. More pink than it shows in the photos.

So what do you guys think?
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H&M Bow fun (:

I saw a post a while ago about someone buying a bow from H&M with their boyfriend and finding it lolita-able. Well I saw it today in H&M Westfields; and thought.. Hmmm.. it needs some work.
So I got out my sewing kit and I revamped it :3
Pictures aren't too amazing; but I'm pleased with the result ^^
Also there is a black version; I think I might buy it to make a gothic version as I kind of need a gothic head bow.
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Fan+friend dress question

I am really liking this dress from Fan+Friend      http://fanchaos.com/fanplusfriend/c1/DR00092_02.jpg
but I have a few questions before I order it.  What do they mean when thet call the fabric "tender fleece"?  I am having nightmares of Old Navy pajama bottoms or microsuede. If anyone could enlighten me on the nature of this fabric it would be much appreciated.

Also, same as everyone asks.... Any pictures of it being worn would be greatly appreciated.