March 31st, 2010

Purple dress cord?

I ordered this MM replica from Qutieland in a deep purple. I was going to wear white tights and shoes, but that seemed kind of boring to me. I want to try wearing white or brown tights with these shoes. Do you think that would work? Would I need to add brown hair accessories to tie the outfit together? (I have black hair)

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Opinions on Lolita Fashion

 I found this set of videos on youtube about what random foreigners & locals think of Lolita Fashion and I though some people would like to see them. You get a variety of opinion and people some seem to understand lolita fashion while other are just spurting out mindless rambling 
p.s the guy mentions cosplay & lolita in the 3rd video so I am not 100% sure if the opinions are based 100% on the lolita look
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Anime North 2010

Since it's the last day of March, there is less than two months until Anime North is here. Is anyone planning to come? Also is there a lolita meet planned at Anime North? So far, nothing. I have a cosplay already ready, Bad Girl from No More Heroes, but no lolita outfit that I'm planning to wear there yet. There is still time to pre-reg.

WARNING! eBay replicas of Ergi items!

This seller is selling illegal replicas of Ergi items:

You will not get the same quality, the images are stolen from our site.

Ergi will be taking actions against this seller, but please help us (and all other brands copied as well) by reporting all replicas in this store to eBay. Click on the flag just below "Other item info" to the right.

The more reports, the better. ^_^

Petite brand pieces

Hello EGL,

I would like to know if any of you know brand pieces that are made quite small or brands that offer smaller sizes. I really have trouble finding brand pieces that fit and so thus far I have only found the corset dresses from Atelier Pierrot ( I have a 22" waist and 31" bust. I am mostly interested in gothic or classical lolita.

Can you please help me?
Thank you all in advance.
angelic pretty

angelic pretty on tv

oh my gosh guys i was watching tv and the comercial for jessica simpsons tv show called "the price of beauty" comes on and for a split second they show on of the AP models in the angelic pretty store! (she was wearing a sweet jam JSK around the 0:35 mark) and i freaked out i was like "OMG mom thats angelic pretty!!ahh!". i posted a link to a video on youtube (it's underneth the tags section hope it works and the video is still there) and baisicaly the show is about diffrent veiws of beauty around the world and the show has deffinatly caught my attention so are you guys going to watch it too if they do anything on AP?i'm also interested in the geisha part so let me know I'll try and keep you guys updated kay? the show is on every monday at 10/9c on VH1(^_^)/
idk if this link will work if it doesn't i will edit it
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Regarding the FFA ...

I am terribly sorry everyone, I was really busy today with paper work for my finals, and I didn't get around to posting; by the time I had free time to post, it was already like 7.30, so I am postponing the FFA until next week.

: ( sorry everyone!

btssb site question

Hellos. I had some possibly annoying questions about btssb and would like to ask here since since it wasn't showing up on the searches.

A while ago, the btssb site ended up having a lot of merchandise removed, the reason (from what I understand) was because they tend to do that when adding more merchandise to the site and also I remember hearing that the programmer who maintained the website left the company? I wanted to know 1) if they are going to add the older merchandise again or did they decide to clear them completely and are discontinuing whatever was removed? and 2) does anyone know if they will be making more of what is shown in the new catalog? I'm mostly curious to know if some of the head-bows and striped socks are going to be restocked (since they are still sold out on the website)?

Any knowledge would be appreciated. thanks n_n;