March 30th, 2010

BTSSB boots and calf sizing?

Hi all,
I recently bought some baby replica boots and LOVE them, however they are custom calf size with 16 inch calves or so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I'm wondering, on a typical pair of BTSSB boots (actual, not replica) on a size LL or so, what are the calf sizes like? Can they fit around 16 inch calves or would they be too tight? What are some good brands for ladies with larger legs?  Thank you!

Fantaisies dans le Monde des Rêves, VIP Ticketing ISSUES SOLVED!

We've solved our issues with Brown Paper Tickets and figured out a way to get VIP ticketing to work properly with no major hassle! Today's update is here for you to be aware of some of the new methodology.
  • Due to the way Brown Paper Tickets works, we have to use a system of fake/dummy dates. Each week, one of the dates in the dropdown menu for "I wish to buy tickets for" will come active in black lettering. That is where that week's VIP tickets will be auctioned off. This week's ticket sales, for example, are for the April 07th event "date". Following ticket sales will be announced here on the Livejournal EGL comm, as well as on our ticketing page.
  • The "Auction End Time" on the site is when you will be charged to your credit card.
  • If you still wish to purchase general admission tickets, then you go to the actual event date of 28th May.
  • Canceling a bid is only possible when an auction is active. It is possible and can be done by going to the confirmation email that Brown Paper Tickets sent you regarding your bid. The email should have been sent to you with the subject "Brown Paper Tickets - Bid Received". There should be a link to a confirmation page, after "You can view the status of your order in real-time" in the email text. Click on the "Cancel My Bid" link under "Payment Details" on the right. Then follow the instructions to cancel your bid. Screenshots of the process are available on our FAQ page under the question "I can't cancel my VIP bid! Help! What do I do?"
  • You will be notified as well as credit card charged at the Auction End date. While the event date does not appear to agree with our 28th May date, this is just there in order to speed up the credit card charges as well as to notify our customers that they have indeed secured a VIP ticket.
  • Auctions still extend themselves for a few minutes after last-minute bids have gone through to protect against sniping.
  • Regarding the VIP ticket that was purportedly sold last week, do not be alarmed. We are working with Brown Paper Tickets to remove that from the system. If you won that auction, you will not be charged on your credit card bill.
  • For those who are concerned about the ticket printing, the date printed on the ticket will be in the order of the event date, followed by a line saying "Auction group:" and then the date at which the dummy event takes places. We apologise for this confusion.
  • The Dutch Auction charges to the credit card as follows: The software automatically charges the highest bid. If that credit card transaction does not go through, then the next highest transaction goes through. Even if you already have the highest bid, if your credit card is nonfunctional, you may not win the ticket.
As a result of the short-notice success of the system modification, we've extended the time as to when this past week's auction will end from Tuesday noon to Wednesday 12 PM PST.

We apologise for the short notice and the ticketing issues, and thank you for your continued interest in Fantaisies dans le Monde des Reves!

I know you are all probobly sick of Bodyline posts but..

But, jeez, Mr.Yan, Sugary Carnival Much?

I really, really, really, really hope there is a dress to match this bag.

edit: Compare the prints. Its not exact, but its pretty similar.

There are clear similarities in the print.
Both the bodyline and AP prints feature candy poles/marshmallow rope, and stars.
Both prints switch the color of the ponies mane and tail, from blue (bodylines is more purple) to pink
the saddle of the horses are almost identical, save for the AP print having more detail
the overall shape of the ponies is identical, almost as if traced.

Its not an exact replica, but its pretty close, and shares a lot in common with Sugary Carnival. There are other carosel prints, but they don't have this much in common with SC.

And the bodyline one will be cheaper. :P

Alice and the Pirates 2010 lucky pack question

Hello everyone.
I wanted to do a question about Alice and the Pirates 2010 lucky pack
I found NEW unopened 2010 set 1set 2 on
From the item description:

set 1:

corset skirt (black)
cardigan (black)
blouse (white with embroidery)
socks (with card game pattern)
eco bag (brand logo)

set 2:
Onepiece (no details)
Pullover (no details)
T-shirt (no details)
Socks (no details)
Eco bag (no details)

So I am thinking about buying them. But I have no luck with lucky pack. Always getting clothes I don't like.
Therefore I ask you: did someone buy Alice and the pirates lucky pack? have you got pictures of the clothes you got? It will be very appreciated.
thank you so much and sorry for the disturb.
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lolita hats?

Hi lolis,

I'm a great hat lover and want to add some hats to my current outfits to make them spring-like and add a classic touch to them. Would you have some links where to buy loliable hats, besides of brand sites? Especially vintage stores with decent quality and other "insider's tips" etc. are mostly welcome.

Thanks <3

EGL Marketplace

Currently, a few of us on this community are working on a new EGL Marketplace. I must stress that at this point in time, this is only an idea. I have absolutely nothing against the current DBS mods and think that they have all worked extremely hard to make the DBS and sales comm what it is. I'd welcome their suggestions and others. Please take this into consideration and let me know what you think!

It would be off livejournal. Yes. However: it would still be possible to see it on your friends pages and the same lj names would be used for the new system. Some features, copypasted from comments here:

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  • noetma

Anna House Review (with pictures)

Anna House Review!

I got several basics (2 blouses, bloomers, socks, and a petti), a pair of shoes, and an OP from Anna House. I got my shipment today, which is always exciting.
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Feel free to ask any other questions~
white lolita

Why o why Btssb...

I am really wondering why Btssb did open shops in the OPA buildings in Japan.
I've been to the ones in Kyoto and in Okayama.
OPA is filled with Gal shops and screamy music, not the environment that speaks cuteness and fairytales..
Maybe it is just me, that I felt totally lost there, but are there more people who have been there, who think the same?
Even the shop staff seemed a bit lost because there were no customers.
It just seems odd that a cute shop like that is located there.

If you were planning on traveling all the way to there while you also could go to the Osaka store, go the the Osaka store!!!!
That one is 1000 times more better ;) 

Btw. You can follow my 3 weeks in Japan on my lj ^^

Feedback Database

Right. We need to make a decision about what will happen with the feedback database. And please can we keep this post free from ragging on anyone. Options:

- Pay $300 for the domain and it's content. I'm not 100% on what this means to be honest, whether it would be a full working site or what. We would need donations. And someone else to host the site. I think we have someone who could do this anyway.
- We have all the feedback, and have access to it. Don't worry about that. Do not pay talia and make our own? I do feel she deserves something but...I don't know. I really don't know right now. We have one person working on a whole new selling system (INFO HERE) and another working on a new off site feedback system.

PS. can people please NOT harass talia? It solves nothing. Just leave it be.

EDIT: I have received a lot of PMs of people offering to help and offering suggestions. Honestly, thank you SO much. I am on limited time on the computer right now so i do not have time to reply to everyone, but i really appreciate your offers and will keep them in mind!

Not exactly a lolita...

Hello, this is my first post on EGL (or any LJ community). I've been watching EGL for a while, and finally decided to hit that join button.  n_n
I'm not a lolita (if anything a "closet lolita"), but i DEEPLY admire the fashion and those awesome people who wear it ;D
However, I have never seen a lolita dressing up outside of pictures on line. I live in NY, USA. Infact, nobody has even heard of lolita.

Is it all that popular in the US as it is in, i don't know, the UK and other parts of Europe?
(I won't compare it to Japan because, well, self-explanitory -_-)

And is the lolita fashion community in the US growing? Or has it stayed relatively the same? Also, would you say there are more or less guys that are in to the "male counterpart" of lolita?

Again, I love lolita but i doubt i have the "courage" (or finacial stability) to go full out. But my closet is vintage inspired xD

*Tried to avoid usuing proper terms incase they were inproper >.>
**Not sure if this deserves a cut >.<" Please don't hit the noob.

Thank you!

Taobao Survey

Hello all!

I am currently writing an artilce for Uni discussing how online shopping has aided the spread of underground fashions & subcultures, with Lolita and Taobao as my example. I need some quotes from people who have made purchases from Taobao in order to legitimise this. The article may be pitched to a local magazine if it turns out well enough.

I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to fill out this quick survey. Comments are screened.

1. Your full name, country (or city if you're in Aus) and age: (So you're not just an anonymous source.)

2. Details of an item you purchased from Taobao: (jsk/petti/etc.)

3. How do the items compare to Western and/or Japanese garments?: (Quality/sizing/etc.)

4. What made you want to buy from Taobao?:

5. What shopping service did you use and what was their service like?:

6. What's the best thing about buying from Taobao?:

7. What's the worst thing?:

OPTIONAL - Any words of advice to people who have never used an internet shopping service before?:

Thanks guys :)
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Can someone help me understand this?

I'm trying to shop on and google translator shows me this:

Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Item #: R149D02
販売価格:¥18,000(税込) Price: ¥ 18,000 (tax included)
SALE: \9,000 (税込) SALE: \ 9,000 (tax included)

ランク:A Rank: A 素材 =ポリ65%レーヨン35% 水色 オリジナルタータンチェック寸法 =B82cm K91cm Poly 65% Rayon 35% Stock-dimensional blue = B82cm K91cm Orijinarutatanchekku

I want to know what the measurements mean. What do the "B" and "K" stand for? I thought B was for bust, but if K is waist, it would be strange to have a bust smaller than a waist, wouldn't it? 0.o
If you understand this better than I do, I'd appreciate your help greatly ^^
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Seller: that_chick13

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows that_chick13. I recently bought a Putumayo blouse from her a few weeks ago and she has not responded to any of my emails since I sent her my payment. Does anyone know what I can do in this situation? Does any one have any information on her feedback? She has horrid communication via email/messages and I am terribly getting frustrated!