March 28th, 2010


Welcome to our new mods!

 Today sees the introduction of five new egl_comm_sales moderators to our team! asa_chan , tsukidelacroix , dandelion_cloud, laviefantasque and oh_tralala . I hope everyone can give them a warm welcome, and will quickly get used to seeing their names around : D I'd like to say thank you to everyone who applied for the role; we had a great selection of people to choose from which only made the decision harder! We're also welcoming colortheory as a main EGL moderator. I'm sure you're all aware of what a fantastic job she's been doing on the sales community, so we're more than happy to have another addition to the EGL crew ^^

Updates to lists of moderators and the meet the mods post should be coming soon. But for now, goodnight everyone!

Meet up in Miami?


This is my very first visiting in Miami.

it's been a week since I arrived here and I already love the weather!

I'm from Korea when I leave Korea weather was almost spring and my first visiting was Omaha, Ne where is still middle of winter...

now I flight Miami - the summer city.

I really want to meet lolitas here. I packed my suitcases as dreaming of meet up in Miami!!

I'm staying at Doral, and planing to stay until April 9th. I prefer week days for meet up but weekend is fine too.

I will look forawrd to hear any news from lolitas in Miami!
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Double Decker Help

Hi everyone, just wanted to ask if anyone had bought from Double Decker recently and how does their ordering system work?

I've placed an order for a pair of boots but have receieved no instruction on how to pay! Very confused...

Thanks in advance :3
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Handbook updates

Finally trying to tackle this hair and makeup section. It needs *a lot* of work because hair and makeup are not my forte in the least. Any links, tutorials, advice you might have just post it here and I'll work to incorporate it over the next few days. I'm not even sure I want to keep the old doodles but I did try and at least vague them up to apply to more possibilities. You can always contact me at carnet_atelier and my AIM is 'robot flight' now if anyone wants to share anything there, especially if stuff needs to be re-written.
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Help with a skirt design to match my tattoo

Hello! I'm not a big poster, but I've been lurking here for a long time. I need to ask some help from you guys. I got a tattoo this January. It's totally a lolita tattoo ^^ My best lolita friend got it for me for a combo birthday & Christmas present. Even though it hurt a bit to get it, now I'll have a cute decoration on me all the time!

Collapse ) I'm really excited about making this outfit. I got the tattoo in the winter so I haven't gotten the chance to show it off much yet ^^
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Fanplusfriend Corset

I am planning to order this corset from F+F and I was just wondering if anyone could answer my question. When I give my measurements, do I give them my natural, uncorseted waist measurment, or do I order it a few inches below my natural measurements, like you do for most online corset sellers? (I realize a Fanplusfriend corset isn't likely to give me much of a reduction, I want it mainly for decorative purposes, but it IS steel boned, so I imagine it will cinch me in at least a little bit).
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Meta Sizing Question

Does it drive anyone else crazy that Meta hasn't been posting a range of sizes when their pieces have shirring lately? I'm considering buying their Crown Label Sweets Park jsk: but there's only one bust/waist size listed, and while the waist would fit me fine, the bust is just an inch or so too small.

It's a long shot, since it's so new, but has anyone bought this dress and could give me a more accurate range? Alternatively, has anyone bought a jsk or op from Meta recently that only listed one measurement and could tell me if that's the min size?

*Edit* I e-mailed Meta and they said it would definitely fit me. Thanks guys!