March 27th, 2010

wonder party

Friday Night April 2nd SakuraCon Meet Up/Dance Party in Seattle, WA!

For those girls that like to strut their finest frills on the dancefloor....Friday night of Sakura Con is going to be a good one.... Many of you girls already come to Fringe, which is Seattle's best glitter fueled costume dance party madness, but this Friday rockin_rollita arranged for it to be harajuku fashion themed for all the lolitas in town and those who are coming to town for the con. Come join us and get to know each other over a few drinks, jello shots, and dancing at the Eagle on Pike street. Sweet lolitas, we want you over the top in sweetness! Goth Lolitas, make sure your lace and lipstick are black as night. Next Friday Fringe hits you cute in the face with a sparkly, rhinestoned, cell phone charmed, Angelic Pretty, heart filled, chain laden, bow busting Japanese street fueled-fest!

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Angry Alex mode!

Tutorial scans! Roses and a variety of puffed sleeves. ALTERNATE DL LINKS ADDED!

I recently received the magazine featured in an ad in the "Gothic & Lolita Bible: Ensemble" (Cover is in this post). If you don't understand any Japanese, I must say that the cover is rather misleading. A friend told me it's like seeing a Playboy magazine with Carmen Electra on the cover and the inside is filled with Rob Schneider.

I scanned the parts of the magazine that would be relevant and helpful to this community.

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Dark Fang

Innocent World

Hi Everyone. I'm about to buy me a pair of shoes from IW and I found a few cute dresses an JSK's to and I'm wanting to know if its safe to buy anything bigger than shoes from them being as expensive as they are I would hope their clothing line and is. One other thing. Are they more southern style Loli rather than your typical say French or european style? A lof of their dresses I get a southern feel from and wish to know if its still technically Loli since they're dresses aren't as lacey, or frilly as say BTSSB's clothing.
  • aikazi

Kind of a dumb question....regarding Taobao.

I'm ordering some shoes from taobao -- specifically these:

-- most of the shoes on An*ten*na have the S,M,L,LL // japanese sizes -- but this particular shoes has some other measuring system.

Do they use the chinese sizes like annahouse -- Could I just use that chart to convert them? x_x I used the googlefu translator but it didn't explain about it.


Answered thankyou! It is European sizes!