March 25th, 2010


Lolita Overseas?

Hey guys.

I'm doing my sociology project on lolita in Japan and abroad, and the biggest question I'm having trouble answering is quite simple. WHY is lolita gaining popularity abroad?

Is it part of the movement towards all sorts of Japanese pop culture?
Is it part of a recent psychological trend towards peter pan syndrome (not wanting to grow up)?
Is it something of a reversal on the feminist movements of earlier decades?
Something else all together?

I'm looking for any opinions. Informed information is lovely, but your own opinion is just as valuable. Please post where you're from as well.

Lolitas in Japan are also welcome to reply.

(Quick Edit: I'm also aware that opinions from the internet are not scholarly sources, but since I do not personally live abroad I can't conduct this research otherwise, so humour me.)


Japanese Fashion Magazines

Which Japanese fashion magazines have the most interesting, artistic photo shoots in them? Which ones style pieces from lolita brands in the most interesting/unusual ways, even and especially ones that may not even quite read as lolita anymore? Are there magazines that went under that you think I should totally find back issues of because they're so awesome?

Why I'm asking: I have to do a lot of research for fashion projects in the upcoming months, and I'd love to be looking at sources of imagery and inspiration other than Vogue, W, Elle, WGSN, WWD, etc that all my classmates are looking at. I've noticed that even though we all have different aesthetics, research independently, and design independently, there are still marked similarities in what we're all putting out!

One of these projects with research is due a lot earlier than the others, so does anyone know of anywhere specific in Savannah, GA or Atlanta, GA where I could pick these specific magazines up and not have to wait for shipping, or somewhere I can order from that can get them to me inside a week and a half w/o having to pay for EMS or similar?

an*tai*na Tea Party Shoes - Flat Heels [Sizing]

So I'm thinking about ordering these shoes ( link: ) sometime in the future, and I don't know which size I would need.  I normally wear a size 7.5US (sometimes 8, possibly 7), I also measured my foot and it appears to be 24.5cm.  Are these particular shoes true to size, or are they crazy like bodyline?  If you are the same size as me and have these, let me know what you think about them! :)
Thank you~
Bunny Tea

Concerns about seller/DBS owner talia_speaks

Due to talia_speaks' position of power in the lolita community, because of her being the ownder/creator of the database as well as a moderator of many lolita communities, it has become clear that members are afraid to speak out or leave bad feedback when she acts in a manner that would cause most members to be banned. This includes, but is not limited to, sending out products that are not up to standard, allowing herself special privileges in the database, leaving retaliatory feedback despite proclaiming that it will not be tolerated, refusing to send in group orders because she cannot afford her part, taking on more commissions than she can handle while still responding to wtc posts, and asking members to remove or not post negative reviews of her products and/or services. Members of the community feel that she is unfit to run the database linked to the main community due to her lack of professionalism, and that she should not be allowed to get away with actions that have caused others to be banned.

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Is there a point where you can feel happy with your wardrobe and stop building it?

I was wondering does anyone feel fully content.
As of now; I have around 10 Jsk's and OP's, half being brand name. I have 3 headresses and 4 headbows, 1 on the way. I have 4 skirts, 6 blouses 2 being brand name. I have tons of brand and offbrand socks.
I have 4 pairs of shoes that I wear with lolita, 2 being adorable. I have petticoats, a coat, cardigans, jewellery; enough to start a shop XD
Does this mean I can be content?
Because I feel quite content with it. Should I now just wait until birthdays/ Christmas and other special occasions to buy new things?
I was wondering, as I know there are people who have a lot more than me, but I feel like I can live with what I have.
Fucking Fierce Taemin Fuck Yeah

Bodyline Shipping?

Hello, it's my first time ordering from Bodyline and i was reading some stories earlier concerning custom fees, and shipping problems, etc.
I'm just a bit worried about the custom fees.
I live in the US so I would like to know if you have had better experience with DHL or EMS -- and which one do you recommend?
Also, the total of my package is $69 with DHL and $84 with EMS.  I just want to try and avoid getting hit with customs.
Also, can someone help explain to me how to mark something down so i can try to avoid such fees?
Thank you very much (:

Feedback, the Database, and You

In light of the recent issues with the database and the manner in which it is being run, I'd like to pose a question to the community: How many users find the database a reliable source of information on sellers? Because I know that I certainly don't.

This isn't because of the behaviour of any moderator or affiliate of the database, though. Rather, I've noticed that many customers are extremely hesitant to leave negative or even neutral feedback in situations where it's very obviously warranted. Instead, in reading through some feedback pages, I'll see a comment containing positive feedback where the customer goes on to describe an experience that sounds anything but positive-- the seller was incommunicative but "always pleasant," it may have taken three months but the item "eventually arrived," and there may have been a couple of minor stains that a seller neglected to mention but that used dress was "still wearable." While many sellers have plenty of positive feedback, their customer service seems more than lacking-- which creates a huge issue for buyers who think they're purchasing from a reliable seller, when they're really buying from someone who may take months to send the buyer a severely damaged item, if they bother to send the item at all

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The Saga of the F+F Skirt from Color Hell

It's me again, the girl who bought this skirt from F+F and was horribly disappointed with the colors. Some of you might not think the picture looks bad, but...the skirt in person was truly ick. A few people helped me realize that it was because the lace was much more orangey than it seems in the pictures, and the accents were dark Fuschia instead of the light pink it shows.

I had made a post asking about dye and how to go about dyeing my skirt a better color.

I then made a post about the results of the dyeing, and many requested pictures. I am now here to deliver! And ask for some help as well. XD ...

I regret that I didn't take a picture of the hideousness that was the original skirt. But here is the dyed version!

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Bodyline Shoe Sizes?

I'm curious about the shoe sizes on Bodyline, because I plan on purchasing a pair of shoes from there in the near future. This pair to be exact:

If link doesn't work, they're shoe 170, the lace-up ones

I figured I'd definitely be a 245 because almost all my shoes are either 7 or 7 1/2. Then I figured I'd measure my feet (from the back of the heel to the tip of my big toe) and came up with a little over 8.5 inches (google converter says this is 215.9 mm or 21.59 cm).

So now I'm just REALLY confused. Help? =3 Any answers are MUCH appreciated!

Hello Kitty Sightings in BC!

I went to T&T Supermarket at Central City in Surrey, BC yesterday.

There I glimpsed of Hello Kitty products in the store! It's like a GIANT promotion! There was everything from music boxes to lunch boxes. Clearly, there was a large selection of pink, but there was also purple and blue Hello Kitty merchandise too! A must have for any Hello Kitty fan! ♥ ♥

You might want to check it out too at your local T&T Supermarket!

Bodyline Love Nadia Corseted Skirt Question

Back again with another question relating to Bodyline! After the friendliness of the comments I received from my first question I'm happy to ask another one, hehe (you guys are awesome, and I know I'm a little over-excited, I've just had a really nice day)!

I'm thinking of getting Bodyline's Love Nadia skirt, and I'd like it in pink. The only problem is that I can't find a picture of what the pink version looks like! So on to my question... Do any of you own this skirt in pink, and if so, would you mind posting a picture? It would be MUCH appreciated from a goth loli just looking into sweeter styles! ^.^

Here's the link to the skirt I'm talking about:
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Hello all,
I’m currently studying BA Fine Art at Uni. I recently had the opportunity to take part in the ‘Lolita in Wonderland’ festival held at Resistance Gallery in London, so I thought I'd share here.
I have a very simplistic and haphazard style of drawing (through choice, I should add, ha!). boykitten suggested that some drawings in the messy style of a set of line drawings I did called "messing around in my underwears" might be a nice addition.

So my main inspiration for these drawings was a casual/everyday expression of lolita. I actually wanted to try and almost get a ‘feel’ of Lolita without necessarily drawing figures in Lolita clothing (I'm not very good at fashion illustration, anyway...). I don't think I was very successful at achieving what I set out to do with a lot of the drawings, perhaps in part because it’s been nearly three years since I last worked with print and with leaves. I’d be grateful of any suggestions to make the next set more effective.

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The full set of images of these and the rest of the drawings from the exhibition can be viewed at my art blog here. Please feel free to add me there if you’d like to follow my work!