March 24th, 2010

Cyber Lolita - Anyone own any Nubia ?

So whilst browsing for references for our Mad Hatter I happened across this curious website called Nubia. The clothing is unique to say the least but I was a bit curious about them having a section called " Lolita "

Nubia has a very distinct style to there brand. Damn if they don't have some cute stuff though.

However it mostly got me thinking. Does any lolita here own any Nubia ? Have pics ? Find this curious ?

Lolita Help!

hi i'm new to lolita and i would like to get as mush information on this lovely fashion as possible, i was wondering if you wonderful lady's can help me out . i've already got all 5 english versions of the GLB and searched blogs and LJ Communities but i feel like there's still more information out there that can help me but i don't really know were else to look so i want to know what sites, books, mooks, magazines, tv show, and movies have help you become the lovely lolita you are today?

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Montreal Shoes

Could someone please give me a link to the Montreal Shoes webstore? I googled it and got nothing, then used the EGL search, then I finally found a link in the handbook, but it was broken. So could someone please give me an accurate link to Montreal? Thanks in advance!
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shoe help please C:

hello i've been lurking and i've only recently started buying lolita outfits
instead of buying loliable things
so i'm a newbie
and i really wanted to know  if platforms are still okay to wear with lolita ?

i don't really have money to buy ss tea party shoes (which seem rether flat in height and seems to be the most popular shoe right now )
but i want to buy these shoes from bodyline

but are they ita or cute ? the overall shape is adorable but i'm concerned about the height  (i'm short so it won't make me very tall but will it look
costume-y?) i know high heels work well with aristo or goth but i only own sweet and it suits me better