March 23rd, 2010


Shinjuku vs Harajuku - Which is better for shopping? Also, tips for Kansai region!


My husband and I will be visiting Japan for the first time in a couple of weeks, and I am faced with a shopping dilemma! According to the tour package we've booked, we'll have one free day in Tokyo (Sunday), two free days in Kyoto (Wednesday and Saturday), and possibly another free day around the Kansai region (Sunday) while we wait for our flight back home.

My main goal is to go shopping - I am not a lifestyle lolita by any stretch of the imagination, I am not getting dressed up while I'm in Japan, and I don't care too much for taking photos of random strangers, no matter how well dressed they are. I've looked up the shopping guides in the memories, so I'm not asking how to get to places, but rather, where would you go to optimise your shopping experience in a limited amount of time?

Here's how I see it.

+ Cosplay bridge!
+ It's HARAJUKU, and therefore, all my friends say I need to go.
+ Closer to Akihabara (where we plan to spend the morning) Disregard, trains are king.
- It will be crowded.
- Cosplay bridge is apparently not so popular anymore, due to too many tourists.
- Shops are hard to find, and all over the place. Apparently not so!

+ Marui One and (bigger) Closet Child means less wandering overall.
+ Less crowded (as such) as everyone should be in Harajuku.
+ Easier to navigate than Harajuku.
+ Square Enix store!
- ... it's not Harajuku (... big whoop?).

We're staying in Shiba, so advice on how long travel would take would also be useful!

We've got a lot more free time around Kansai, and have JR passes, so let rip with your ideas!
I've already seen the following entries on egl:
* 2010 Osaka and Kyoto shopping guides
* 2006 Kyoto guide
* 2007 Osaka guide

If it helps, I lean more towards classic lolita, not a big fan of sweet. I'm also cheap a bargain hunter/indies fan who isn't too fussed about brand names. Outside of lolita, I am a cosplayer, and also like mori-kei and hime-gyaru, but not so much decora or spank. Hubby doesn't dress up, but is happy to carry bags and look at pretty things.

Finally, as a very long shot off-topic - any recommendations for vegetarian places to eat? We're pescetarian, but sometimes Hubby just wants to eat plant matter.

Thanks, everyone!

First time Fan+Friend Buyer

Hello. I've always been a fan of EGL, but have been more happy dressing gothic with a little french twist and cosplaying on occasion. Lately though I've been branching out and incorporating some lolita (mainly erololi) into the mix. So I need your advice! (I believe this i right place for this kind of question)

Two questions:

How long does it generally take for Fan Plus Friend to ship to the US? Specifically on their make to order. I'm looking to buy the Bustle tiered skirt at knee length for my boyfriend's prom, which is April 30th. (I lucked out with him, he thinks the goth/lolita/alternative clothes are super hot.)

The USA size 8 seems like it will match up pretty well, but if I could get a tailored fit that'd be preferable. However, I've been nosing around this community and other forums, and many people seem to be advising to go with the standard size of garments. I'm very skinny around the waist but have womanly hips (My bust/waist/hip is 32" 25" 37"). What has been your experience with sizing for their skirts? particularly fitted ones like this?

EDIT: Forgot height! I'm 5'10" btw. Which makes me curious of length.

Fantaisies dans le Monde des Rêves VIP Tickets auction update

Due to some technical difficulties within Brown Paper Tickets, we have extended today's first pair of VIP ticket auctions end time to 9PM Pacific Time.

Please note the following regarding to VIP tickets:

*Seating at the event for VIP ticket holders will be based on when the ticket was won. That means that the earlier you get your ticket, the more priority you have for seating. Thus, this week's tickets are VIP+ tickets, since they get first choice on seating. 

* Auctions will extend itself for a few mins when bids are placed turing the last moment.

* Due to the nature of how BPT works, during the Submit Bid phase, you will see a line which displays: " Auction Ends: May 21, 2010 2:00 AM PST" in which it might cause some confusion due to it's wording. This is the time when your credit card will be charged. The auction itself will end at the designated time.

For your convenience, here's a list of the auction days. Please note that, after today, auctions will still begin and end at 12:00 PM PST on the denoted dates.

17th March - 23rd March [VIP+]
24th March - 30th March [VIP+]
31st March - 06th April
07th April - 13th April
14th April - 20th April
21st April - 27th April
28th April - 04th May
05th May - 11th May

University graduation ceremony attire

  With graduation coming up in a few months at my University,  I'm still deciding what to wear.  I think the robe will cover up mostly what I'll be wearing underneath, but it would still be nice to wear something semi-formal.  So my questions to University graduates in the community are, what did you wear to your ceremony, and was it lolita at all?  If you did wear lolita, I'd love to see pics of the outfit!

General sewing tips plz??

Okay so I searched EGL and couldn't really find any general sewing tips. I've sewn before (learned in junior high), but it's been a long time and I have never sewn my own clothes. I just bought a Butterick skirt pattern yesterday and some cotton print fabric. I have NO IDEA how to use a pattern XD. I think I may just take a class, but anyhow - can people just post some tips for me on how to get started in the sewing world? It would be greatly appreciated ^^
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Help a fellow Loli out

Hey all my fabulously dressed Loli ladies! Interested in helping a fellow Loli out?
While being a Loli, I also happen to be a university student as well. So when the time came to pick a research topic for my class, I naturally picked something I was interested in: the Lolita Fashion. SO. If any of you would be willing and able to lend me some of your opinions and expertise, I would be much obliged. All it basically involves is you answering a few questions, nothing terribly excruciating or time consuming (unless you want to get uber in-depth with your answers, which, of course, would be lovely). And that’s it : )
Not only will you be helping a girl out, but also letting your voice be heard and letting this commonly misunderstood culture have a voice as well.
Interested? Please? 18 or over? (this is a university rule) Then just message me. Thanks a bunch! ^_^

corset drawing
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Favorite Accessories?

So with classes starting back up I'm finding that I'll probably have a bit of free time(really easy classes! yay!) and a ton of extra fabric laying around unused from the fashion class I had to take last semester. This has me toying with the idea of making some lolita themed accessories to sell. My question for you ladies is what are your favorite lolita accessories, or what sort of accessories would you like to buy and for how much?

Thanks for the input! ^.^v
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Latex-free eyelash adhesive?

Hey egl!
So I absolutely adore false eyelashes, but my latex allergy has recently gotten so bad that I can't use regular adhesive. I bought a bottle of latex-free stuff at Sally's, but it didn't work :( I used the search &the memories, but I couldn't find anything. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, have you found a brand of adhesive that works well?

Thanks in advance guys!!
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Poll: What brand do you own the most of?

In a previous post, I asked what was your favorite brand. I was not surprised that AP was the most popular with 17.6% but was surprised that AaTP was closely behind with 15.2% and Baby with 15% (and poor Meta with only 6.4%).

Now, I would like to know, which brand do you actually own the most of? Owning means it's in your posession (if it's on the way to you, it doesn't count).

So a quick 2 question poll here to get a sense of what brand you own the most of...

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