March 19th, 2010

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Walmart of Lolita?

 So, I realize that bodyline is like the Walmart of Lolita land. I get it. And if I were to purchase a dress from there or somewhere similar, it would mostly be to take it apart and use it as a pattern. That being said, I found that majority of the items there to not be to my taste, which tends to fall into the classic catergory. Is there any stores that have similar prices to bodyline that has a larger variety, or even just similar prices?


Alice in Wonderland mini-shoot

Mini-shoot because the characters involved are only three. Alice, the Red and White Queens ^^

So after watching Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, it strengthened my resolve to finally do an Alice shoot of my own. I'm a very new photographer btw! And I hesitate to call myself a photographer (because that would mean I actually know what I'm doing), I'm just a person with a camera who fiddles around with it now and then. This shoot, is in effect, my very first photoshoot and it was a little stressful as I had to tell my models what poses or moods I wanted to create...STRESS~ But I do want to improve and be better so I'll keep striving and learning because it's a lovely feeling when you DO get a photo right =D

And sorry for the ramblings, here are the photos!

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Reviving a dead comm?

Hello everyone! :D

I'm not really a mod of this particular community, but I was wondering if anyone else was a senior in high school looking for lolitas in or around their respective colleges/universities?

Go check out collegelolita! :D (although its rather outdated with the 2008 banner..)

Make use of this community and post which school you are going to!

Mods I hope this is alright (i'm not posting about a new community but rather an already existing community)! If not please delete it.
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Anna Sui and lolita? **Now with coordinate pics! ^.^

So I was just wondering if I could incorporate this skirt into a lolita outfit. Also, you can't really tell from the picture but you can definitely wear a petticoat underneath it. The print is also some cacti with blue flowers and a rocking horse which is repeated around the skirt. 

Okay, so here's the skirt being worn with a petticoat and with a sweater:

and without a sweater:

Please let me know what you think! ^.^
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ART POST! Unicorn Dream

I've been having this idea of a sweet print on a dark blue background, with unicorns at the bottom and stars all over it. After drawing so many Angelic Pretty prints I thought that I finally should draw my own design, and of course the unicorn print came into my mind. The bad thing about drawing your own prints is that it would be very hard to get one in real life ;__;

Well I hope you'll enjoy my design ^^

Sneak Peak

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I'm finally getting around to posting this shoot that sweetsailormars  and I did weeks ago. >_>;; Always procrastinating with the posting, that's me.

These photos were taken primarily to send in for the Tokyo Rebel Fashion Photo Contest (for which they still have not released the finalists, grrr), but secondarily (is that word? O_o) for fun and to enjoy finally having some nice weather! We didn't really have a "theme" for this shoot as we have usually had in the past. Kara was her typical gawthy self, and I was sort of sweet-classic with lots of birds and foliage on my head XD. What can I say, i love having stuff on my head. It's like that website, Stuff On My Cat...except it's Stuff on Erin's Head. Maybe I should start that site....

Anyway, click below to see the piccies. I think the contrast between our outfits makes for an interesting overall set of photos!

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corset drawing
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Men and Lolita

 Okay, so...recently my boyfriend has been complaining about how jealous he is of the lolita style and how girls get all the cute frilly outfits. He really enjoys dressing up, and I could probably get him into some dandy clothes. However I'm having trouble trying to figure out how he could dress on a rather small budget, or where to find inspirations for frilly men's clothing. I know there is kodona, dandy and aristocratic styles but most of the pictures I find are either very feminine or too gothy. My question for all of you is how could I take advantage of his love of dressing up without him looking too girly?