March 17th, 2010


question about how to wash an AP bunny muffler~

so i recently bought this AP bunny muffler, but after wearing it a few times, i noticed that some of my foundation had rubbed off onto it (maybe it wouldn't be as big of a problem if i had the black one, hahah). it's mostly around the edges so it's not super noticeable when it's worn, but i'd really still like to get rid of it.
does anyone have any idea how to wash it? i tried dabbing at the stains with some soap and water, but it doesn't seem to have done anything. i'm super nervous about trying to wash it at all because of a terrible recent incident with washing a similar furry muffler (it came out really matted and i haven't been able to figure out how to get it back to it's previously furry state, so i can't wear it anymore), and the fact that the muffler has this little delicate necklace attached to it, which i'm afraid will break if i try to machine-wash it or anything (i'm using the pictures from the sales post i bought it from). i was considering trying a tide to go pen or something, but... i'd rather ask the community before trying anything, haha.
any help would really be appreciated! thanks in advance~ ❤
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Lolita At The Penis Festival?!

Oh, man, this made me laugh. So, the Penis Festival and Vagina Festival are traditional festivals held in the springtime in Japan to help promote fertility (both of the human and the agricultural variety). I was looking through the slideshow here, and in pictures 12-14 there's a lolita in attendance! Nothing says lolita like a good old-fashioned penis festival, I think.

Pictures are not entirely safe for work, depending on how your office feels about carved wooden genitalia, suggestive candy and novelty ashtrays.

Art Post: Swans

This is something I made for my Illustrator class.  Our only guidelines were the size and that it had to be symmetrical.  Yes, I borrowed heavily from the Meta logo, but I didn't trace it.  I think it looks like something from a fairytale.  I hope you don't mind that I took my idea from a logo.  I just couldn't come up with any other good symmetrical ideas, and two people in my class did yin yangs and two did fish, so I guess I wasn't the only one feeling less than inventive.

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white lolita

About Angelic pretty

I see that Angelic Pretty has messed some things up recently.
They had also trouble emailing me back the last 3 months.
They now explained why.

Apparently some office staff has quit their jobs and they had trouble replacing them fast.
So everything stacked up and I guess they rushed to their orders in able to get them done as quick as they could,
in the mean time this resulted in wrong orders.

Last week I go a email with a new staff member introducing her self and taking the order I wanted to place for my shop.
I hope they now get everything on the right track again.

I thought some of you would be interested in knowing this information.

I Need Help Finding an Outfit In my Size and Asking your Advice

Ok so my Birthday is coming up in April (late april) and my boyfriend has been asking what I want and I know what I want but I can't find it in my price range. I am looking for either a blouse that can fit my bust which is between 110 centimeters and 112 centimeters and a skirt that can fit a 101.6 waist if anyone knows of a dress/skirt or blouse that can fit these measurements please let me know, if you have pictures then that's even better =3 Also I am not buying this right now but plan on it when my birthday gets closer and I would like to know of the site in advance for when I am ready to make my purchase and that is why I am not posting this in the sales form's. Also my price range is from 50 dollars to 75 dollars (not including taxes)in United States Dollars.


I have received multiple answers to my question and would like to thank everyone for taking the time to answer and now I know my situation much better and am done with this topic again thank you for taking time to answer me.


A Demonia shoes question.

Hello, everybody.

Today, I have a question about a pair of Demonia shoes.
I want to know how good the quality is for this pair. I searched through the back entries and I found some reviews for Demonia, but as you all know that there are some hit and miss stuff within the same brand. I bought two pairs of shoes from Question marks before, and their quality was very different. So, if anyone happens to own this pair or something close to this, I want to know about their quality. Are they easy to break? Or easy to wear down really quick? Anything will be helpful to me.
Thank you very much.


Does anyone know what's going on with the Gothic and Lolita Bible english version? I have their last edition (the fifth) and as you may well know they add at the back of the book what is coming in the next issue. There is nada...zilch and I don't know where to go to look as per when their next edition comes out. I think the fifth one came out in spring of last year then nothing. :(
Someone please fill me in. I hope no one has asked this before...Thanks ladies!
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Country Lolita with Cowgirl boots?

Hello, I'm Ruthie and I live Deep in the heart of Texas. Tomorrow I was planning on going to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. I was considering wearing country lolita, just for fun! My main concern is what yall's opinions on Cowgirl boots are. Is it OK? Here is what I was thinking:

The dress is Angelic Pretty. Excuse my face, I've been in the car for 6 hours today...^.^'
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Are cowgirl boots allowed to be worn with country lolita?

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to write a quick note to let you all know (if you haven't been to the site lately), we've now changed the e-zine into blog mode. This means faster loading time, easier to translate and updates more often! Hopefully the change works for the best! Our first article with the new layout will be posted tomorrow!

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Thank you for your continued support <3