March 16th, 2010

Introducing Fantaisies dans le Monde des Rêves, a Brand New Oneesan Inc. Event!

Oneesan Inc. is pleased to announce a brand new event, "Fantaisies dans le Monde des Rêves," in collaboration with FanimeCon 2010. The event will take place during Memorial Day weekend, May 28-31, at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California, nearby to the McEnery San Jose Convention Center.

This year's event will not only include guests from past events, such as Angelic Pretty and Kokusyoku Sumire, but also introduce three new brands and their designers: Chantilly, Atelier Pierrot, and Vivcore. Worried that you don't have the proper attire for the event? Well worry no more, since the Magical Boutique is coming back once more, now offering a Harajuku shopping experience reproduced like no other as it will now include all five guest brands.

General tickets will be $65 each, and we will be auctioning off a select amount of VIP tickets weekly. All proceeds will be used to further foster the Gothic and Lolita community in America. A ticket for Fanimecon is not required for this event.

More information can be found on our website at, and you can follow us on our Facebook page or our new Twitter account for the latest updates!

Any questions? Check the Frequently Asked Questions page first, then come visit our forum and we'll be glad to answer any doubts you may have. 

We hope you will come join us in our magical world of dreams!

Oneesan, Inc.

Decently Priced UV Parasols?

The search function failed me (too many broken links), Google shopping is too general, Amazon is confused and eBay just stinks so this is my last resort...

Where could I buy a UV-protection parasol that can go with lolita? What other shops/Internet shops with overseas shipping exist out there?

I'm hoping to spend $50-$70 for a decent one. None of the major brands have anything I'm particularly fond of at the moment, the only one I really want being sold out at Tokyo Rebel at the moment.
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Lolitabot song...

So today someone played me this song and I didn't know exactly what I should think of it. The song itself is catchy, but the lyrics sound kind of like lolitas are sex objects meant for luring pedofiles. It was little upsetting, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Other than that, it's a pretty fun song, but I'm not sure if I should feel offended by the lyrics or just laugh about it. Here is the link to the song and the lyrics are in the comment section in the side:

I need some opinions! Thanks!

(I didn't see this posted in the memories, but I hope I'm not repeating a previous post)
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Tips for Commissioning from a Buyer's Point of View

Seeing that there has been a lot of craziness lately on this community about commissioner / buyer roles & responsibilities, I wanted to combine a post of tips & tricks for when commissioning. nessaneko 's tips from a while back are great for selling, buying, and shipping.

However, I want to organize a thread of just things specific to commissioning from a non-local seamstress. So here are some tips I've learned from the buyer's end. Everyone, please feel free to add your tips to this thread!

Tip 1: Negotiate the terms from the beginning.

Collapse ) Anyhow, are there any other tips? If so, feel free to list yours!

wearing casual lolita in rio de janeiro, brasil?

i have a question for lolitas who live in or have been to brasil. i am visiting a family friend who lives in 'downtown rio.'  i have never been. i was told by friends and family alike that crime is really horrible and as a foreigner who doesnt speak the language, i could be mugged / kidnapped / whatever. my uncle who was in brasil for business (but no in rio) said that he had to have a security team with him anytime he left his hotel.

so after hearing this, i want to ask i am wondering how safe it is for me as a foreigner to wear casual lolita while visiting? i say casual because i dont want to layer too much in a hot climate when i am used to the cold and i am more comfortable wearing casual daily type outfits anyway. is this safe? will i stick out or look like i 'have money'? should i not bring any dresses / printed skirts with me at all and just wear 'normal' clothes like tees and shorts? any comments about this appreciated.

edit; for lolitas in brasil, do people assume you are foreign because of your clothing? does family ever tell you that your outfits are dangerous to wear?
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Make up Questions;

I don't see why in sweet lolita; mainly deco/ anything angelic pretty; why there aren't more make up tuturiols. I'd like just some images for inspiration. If i buy more make up I might put up some make up pictures. I'm talking eye make up really.
I got this image of deviantart;

Sugary Carnival Make-up by *hullabalo0 on deviantART
This was exactly what I'd been looking for but I'd like more.
I love face stickers, I buy alot in china town, but I'd really like jewel ones.
Thank you :3

Places of interest and boutiques in Nagoya?

I checked both memories and the search, and only found reviews/guides dating a few years back regarding boutiques and places of interest for lolitas in Nagoya.
I was hoping for an updated list of shops and directions (in the case of shops moving, etc) of places in Nagoya. What is the same and what isn't? Is there anything new like a cute cafe or a new second hand shop? Where are the brand stores located nowadays?
Thank you in advance!!! 

REMINDER: Vancouver Lolitas~

Just a quick reminder that this Sunday is our non descript fondue meet.
this is where we  a going if we're doing fondue, I know last time we went it was pretty slack, and the service wasn't great but I read some recent reviews on it, and it looks like they've stepped it up a notch.

Not open till 3 ! what is this!?

We'll be going to Mink instead, meet outside at 12:30

They have two kinds of fondue
traditional [vegan friendly minus the pound cake] which is $8.75

and the smores fondue witch is $9.75

Afterwards, we will head down to purinyappykura  's house [short commute!] 

Then at around 5:00pm  Dae Bak Bon Ga and sing ourhearts out haha.

**Please let me know if you're going to participate in karaoke by friday so I can make a reservation!!**
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