March 14th, 2010

Lovely sizing?

I'm about to order a bunch of shoes from lovelyshoes, im aware the quality isnt so great but the price is right.......
Now the question is, is the sizing accurate? i don't understand the concept of "china size"
If someone could shed some light on this I'd be very gratious. thanks!

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Prince/Kodona Style Loli

New here. Loving the community so far. I'm interested in lolita fashion, but prince/kodona style lolita. I've never dressed loli before so I'm wondering if anyone has any prince/kodona tips. What type of makeup is worn with this style? Are there different variations (like how there's gothic lolita and sweet lolita, etc.)? I'd like to buy an outfit without looking like an "Ita" or an idiot for that matter, and without breaking bank. Any suggestions? Can I just put together an outfit myself? Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you all.

Classical Puppets?

I know this brand is new to Qutieland, but I'm wondering if anyone has bought any of the Classical Puppets petticoats yet?  If so, I would love to see some pictures of these petti's worn under something (I don't know which one to get haha).  Thanks!~ ^_^
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I'm wondering if anyone knows this taobao: Boguta

 Hello everone,

I'm just wondering if anyone knows if this taobao :

I searched the memories and got 0 hits.

They do not seem to steal their images from brand sites but I have also never heard from them.

Does anyone have any experiences with them? I am in love with their red velvet dress it reminds me of Mille Fleur

Thank you for your help ^^

Lolita questionnaire...

Hello, sorry to bother but I'm searching for a veeery long lolita questionnaire I remember seeing here (or on a popular loli blog, not sure ^_^) a little while ago, it had a lot of questions about  personal informations, wardrobe and style preferences. I'm searching it to post on my new personal lolita-themed blog, I searched the community and the blogs I'm following, but I can't find it anymore. (I hope this question isn't inappropiate)

Yet another: Bodyline shoes sizing qustion

Hello ladies ♥

I'm looking to buy a pair of shoes to wear with a few Rose Melody dresses I purchased and am waiting on. I wanted to pick something that will go with lolita as well as things that are a bit more everyday, so I picked these. I'm not used to wearing such tall heels but I think the thick soles will balance it out, right? Please tell me I am not setting myself up for a (literal) fall.

My US size is 9.5 for shoes and 10 for boots/sneakers. I measured my foot, its 26cm on the nose. 26cm is sold out, as well as for all of the other shoes I like. Are these particular shoes true to size? I've read a few reviews of their other shoes and they seem to be hit or miss to me, and I'd like some input before I opt for buying the 27cm. Basically, I hope for something that will fit comfortably with and without socks. I walk a lot, so I hope for something that won't be excruciating.

Alternatively, whats another place I can pick up some comfy mary janes? Preferably without spike heels, as I notice is the current trend. XD

Bonus question: What's a good place to buy affordable socks that won't be too distorted on my muscle-bound calves? D: I am looking for black with white/silver in particular.

(my first post here :x)

Lolita in a competition

Help a lolita out? :3
I was asked wednesday evening by my tutor and another lecturer of mine if I would enter a search for style competition to show diverse styles, they demanded I entered it in my lolita.
Its a bit late to ask hehe it ends monday morning at 9:00 but I though what they hey
Want to vote for me? :3!/touchwoodsolihull?ref=nf

I didnt get a choice on the pictures they used sadly. I didnt even see them until I Went on facebook yesterday
Feel free to delete if not allowed :)
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RHS with jeans

Hi everyone! I'm debating buying a pair of RHS, but since I don't wear lolita very often, I was wondering if if anyone had any pictures of RHS being worn with jeans/other non-lolita outfits. I've seen some examples in NANA but it would be great to see them worn with a more everyday style.

Thanks everyone!! x