March 12th, 2010

Help with Graphic design project!


The Down Low: 
 I need to create a flier for a graphic design project that is an advertisement for an event. Since I am a graphic artist that happens to be in the lolita community I thought it would be fun to create a flier ( free of charge) for someone's up and coming lolita event or meet up.
What is Involved?
 Again, this will be done free of charge because this is for a graphic design project. I only ask that I have rights to display it in my portfolio if the chance arises.  Whoever agrees to do this will have a flier made to their taste and specifications in digital format. 

If you are wililng to participate please let me know!

Thanks everyone!

Does anyone know about this Bodyline Dress??

Hi Just curious does anyone own this bodyline JSK? I am asking cause someone on here once showed me this dress and said it could fit a bigger bust my bust is 111.8 centimeters the site says it goes up to 96 centimeters, could anyone tell me if that is the max it goes up to or is it more roomy than that? Also if anyone could recommend anything in my size my bust is 111.8 cm and my waist is 101.6 cm thanks for the help =)

Pictures of this Bodyline "separate"?

Hello there.

I'm planning to make another big BL purchase this month (or maybe in April, depends how long it takes for VISA to validate my new credit card), and I came across this set, which contains a cape, blouse and skirt. However, I'd like to ask whoever has bought this before about the quality and maybe some pictures of this being worn, so I can take a look at the length and real colors (because we all know how much they like to shoop their pictures...). Can somebody help?

Thanks in advance!~

Styles for long hair?

I checked the memories and did a search, but nothing seemed to be what I was looking for.

I have long, mostly straight, sometimes frizzy hair.  I just measured it, and it's about 24 - 25" long.  It falls to the bottom of my tailbone.
It seems like all the cute hairstyles I see pictures of and tutorials for are for medium - short hair, or require a ton of destroying your hair or upwards of 3 hours and a lot of skill to do.

Can you give me ideas of ways to do long straight hair without hurting it?  Any ideas to make it not tangle or frizz or obscure my face when left down?


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Is there anyone located near Pensacola, Florida? I really want to have a meet up/sleep over sometime in the future and would like to plan ahead. Also, is anyone going to Freecon in Tallahassee in April?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Rubber Soles.

Does anybody know any web stores that sale Rubber soles that does shipping to Vancouver Canada? And how is the quality of the rubber soles in BODYLINE? Are they wearable? Do they wear down really easy too?

Thanks for clicking and reading this.

Vote! everyone go:D

Hello ladies!!:D i hope you are all doing fine, the day has finally come!

if you were following the news, XD today is the day of the first contest votation.
so, we'll start with the sweet entries, since they were so many(40) !i would like to thank you all lovely ladies for your cute entries and your support!
im really REally HAPPY so many girls joined!! i'll do more for sure.

VOTATION IS OVER! thank you everyone, you'll have the results later, in the Classic category.

first, i'd like to announce the Special prize winner.(chosen by me)


and the winner is...!

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Nail Art

     I know that a lot of people like the cute nail art featured the G&L Bible. Not veryone is near a nail salon where the nail artist is capable of such things. So, i've done some searching for low cost ways to get the pretty nail art.  Bodyline has them, but who really wants to pay the large shipping fee for one small item. Well....thank you Ebay! Nail art is near dirt cheap! I bought some things and would like share them with you.

    They haven't made it here yet, but I thought it was worth putting up some pictures and links to the shops.
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I'm bored and there hasn't been a post like this in a while i think... i would love to see pics of you and your significant other, are they into your style? Mine certainly is. We actually met because a mutual friend thought we might like to work on our cosplay for a local anime convention together. It was kinda love at first sight. Been together ever since and have slowly amassed our wardrobe together (i'm a kodona sometimes too lol)

This isn't the best pic of us (i hate my outfit lol)

I look forward to seeing/hearing about all the cute couples!

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