March 9th, 2010

Childlike Empress

Found thank you

I have been looking for stock photos or in fact any pictures of AP's Carnival dress in the
Yellow X PInk color way.
I havent had any luck and was wondering if anyone had any that they could share with me thank you.

Last reminder!

Last call for the Strawberry Cute contest!!  the final day is march 10th

bases can be found here and the entries, here

remember to send the pics to and wait for my reply.
you'll get a 10% discount with your entry :)

Votation will start on friday!!
it will be divided in the categories,, due to the amount of pictures. i will explain everything later though

thank you all for reading and have a nice day!

Little Question~ (Remove if innapropiate)

I had a question for you ladies~~~
My bf is going to China next month.
and I was wondering if there are any Lolita shops in Beijing or the surrounding area?
He says he has never seen that EVER~ but I'm sure there's at least ONE out there XD

Thanks so much in advance!~~~
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Moar Alice!

In light of the new movie, Disney released an Alice in Wonderland game for the Nintendo DS. I just bought it and so far it's not too bad! The art is totally different though, it's kind of minimalist (here's a picture of the cover) with a sightly annoying boggle-eyed Alice.

Go get eet!

P.S. the game is safe. No American McGee references, but there is action.

A cutsew brand?

Here's a basic rundown of my idea; All cutsews will be made from the same basic design (a t-shirt with puffy sleeves basically), artists submit their illustrations/design ideas (designers can choose the shirt's color, if they want ruffles, lace, bows, glitter, etc as well as submitting their illustration), customers vote for their favorite designs (much like threadless), winning designs are paid for and made into limited edition cutsews for sale to the public. Designers will get a free shirt or two and promo material, and customers will get free buttons and a bookmark or card containing info about the artist, with every cutsew purchase.
About me; I already run a brick and motor business + Sucrerie Mag so I'd like to think I could handle the business side of things. I am worried about start-up costs, so if I go ahead with this idea I want to be sure it will be worth my money/time. If anyone is interested in helping out/becoming a partner, don't hesitate to send me a LJ message.

But before I get too much into this idea of mine, I'd love to get some feedback from the community!

Poll #1536027 Cutsew Poll

Do you wear, or would you consider wearing cutsews?


How much would you spend on a limited edition cutsew?

$30 or less
$40 - $50
$60 - $70
$80 and up
Nothing, I don't like cutsews

What size top do you fit?

Other (leave a comment)

Would you like to vote for future cutsew designs?

I don't care

Are you interested in other products?

Jewerly (necklaces, bracelets, rings)
I would have to see them first
Other (leave a comment)
If you have any other comments or suggestions, please post them :)
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Would you like to see your photo in a magazine?

Dear friends,

I am writing to ask for your help. In my city, Bucharest, Romania, a new magazine will be issued in May, titled Cosplay Gen, which will be distributed both in my country and abroad.

The magazine will also have a section on Japanese fashion, which has been entrusted to me. Right now, I am working on my article, which will contain presentations of the Lolita and Mori Girl fashions. It's not a "compare and contrast" type of article, rather a description of the two styles, complete with information about some of the different brands and tips for people who would like to learn more about the styles and maybe even adopt them.

The interest for Japanese fashion among young people is at very very early stages here in my country, so my hope is that they will be inspired by this article. You see quite little in the way of "different" on the streets here, and I hope this article will be an encouragement to diversity and creativity.

I know there have been many well-intended but misguided attempts to introduce these styles to new audiences, often by people with not a very good knowledge themselves. I have been interested in Lolita for about four years, and by now I am well aware of the possible pitfalls. For example, my article will make very clear that Lolita is a fashion, not "wearing a costume" or "cosplay", and will contain tips on how to be a genuine lolita, rather than an "ita".

My request for help is directed to those of you who would like to share photos of yourselves, or on which you hold the rights, wearing Lolita (any kind of Lolita is great, since I will include descriptions of the different sub-styles). The photos can be of just you, or you and your friends, at a tea-party, at a picnic, outdoors or indoors etc. If more than one person is shown in the picture, please ask everyone shown if they agree to the photo being published. If you have photos of your Lolita room (or corner) that you would like to share, that's great too. The photos should be big enough for good printing quality.

We cannot offer monetary remuneration for the selected photos, but your names, or nicknames, and the name of your town, will be published, should you desire that. It is a chance to be at the cutting edge for the development of the Lolita fashion in a country with a population of over 20 million people! ^__^
Please post links to your photos here, or send them to liantasse(dot)ilsa(at)gmail(dot)com, until tomorrow, the 10th of March, 24:00 GMT.
Thank you so much for your help, and I am looking forward to your submissions! <3

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Vintage Finds

I loooove looking thru quality vintage stores for new dresses and every once in a while i find something that suits the lolita aesthetic. Anyone else share my hobby? Here is my latest purchase from Stefan's of Atlanta... best local vintage store IMO

share some of your best vintage loli finds :)

Steampunk Lolita

Good evening! ^_^

So, this is what happens when I find a fabric that inspires me. I wanted to dress up for the Alice in Wonderland opening night, but was having trouble coming up with a Red Queen design that fancied me. So lo and behold, walking through Hobby Lobby I stumbled upon this wonderful find of pocket watch fabric! So it was decided, I'd finally took a crack at a steampunk inspired Lolita piece. (I think the ONLY thing that makes it steamy is the choice of fabric, but whatevs, I'm happy with it!).

Over the weekend I went up to the mountains of North Georgia and did a shoot with the amazing Matt of Dim Horizon Studios. This is the result:

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Chocomint store?

So, to get to the point is there an actual chocomint store? I'm going to Japan for Spring Break and I love a lot of things Chocomint has in right now, so I was wondering if there was a store I could go to in-person? Thanks !
Emporer Zombie

Why do you wear lolita? What is our zeitgeist?

I came across a very interesting and thought provoking discussion on the beat about EGL [link][/link] and found the discussion to be a noteworthy commentary on societal values and what statement lolita is making.
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