March 7th, 2010


anyone get any updates, or their actual products shipped? I needed mine on march 10th, 11th at the latest, and I ordered in january, sigh. And can anyone find the post that collected all the information from people who did order and haven't got theirs yet? used the search function, no luck..


Another dumb coordinating question, sorrryyyy. <333

So I can't shake this incessant urge to wear socks and shoes that are the same color. Even further, sometimes I want to wear socks and shoes that match my skirt/JSK/OP color. Is this a no-no? I realize that certain colors might work better than others (the one I'm thinking of now is a brown skirt trimmed in off-white, brown socks, brown shoes; I feel like pink-on-pink-on-pink might look a bit OTT).

What are your opinions on this? And for added bonus points, do you have any pictures of successful coords that use this kind of color matching? :)
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Photos needed

 Hello EGL!
I need your help today really fast if you would be willing

I am currently finishing up a new lolita website very similar to except
more extensive with more information, purchasing information, tutorials, et cetera.

And although I have an artist drawing examples of different styles of lolita I would love some of your photos as well!
So if you're willing to let me use them on the website please post away, I need all styles imaginable

Any photos are greatly appreciate and I will happily credit you for them
Please leave me your photos and style type and if I choose to use them I will PM or comment back later to 
make sure I still have permission and ask how you would like to be credited
Thanks so much!

Movie reviews?

So, I just got finished watching a movie called "Bright Star", which is a film about the romance between John Keats and his muse Fanny. (So sad. Omg. :( But good!) I ADORE period films - even when the story isn't so riveting, the awesome costuming always seems to make it worth it. Haha.

Then I started thinking about how in the Gothic & Lolita Bibles, they would always mention films that had a certain aesthetic to them that would appeal to Lolitas - and I thought it would be pretty cool if we started posting movie reviews/recommendations on films that would be related to our interests. Like period films set in revolutionary, regency, Victorian and Edwardian times, or films with a certain fairytale aesthetic (i.e Pan's Labyrinth, The Little Princess, Alice in Wonderland, etc) Of course, these would be for either newer, or lesser known/foreign movies...and maybe find some way of adding them to the memories so no one would post the same recommendation 20 times.

For these reviews and recommendations, I thought it would also be nice if there was a standard way of posting them. For example:


(small picture)
(directed by: blah blah, starring: blah blah)
(short synopsis on the film)
(what about it appeals to Lolitas (costuming, story, etc)
(pictures if available)


You know, nothing too long. And tagging them under something like "films" so they are easily found. What do you guys think?


 Its surprising when you find thing from a regular store that can go into lolita coords. Somewhere stuffed in between bright colored skinny jeans and way too revealing tanks is the unexpectd. i go tor Sears all the time and what do I find?

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Bodyline photo request

Sorry to bother but I'm planning to buy this JSK from bodyline
(I'm interested in the black version you can see in the bottom image, this one ), so I would like to see how it is worn, if anyone has it, and know if the front bow is detachable.
Thanks in advance :)