March 5th, 2010

Braids and Lolita

I'm getting my hair braided, and I was wondering what I can do to make it look "loliable".  And when I say braids I mean Individuals/French Braids. I know the Bibles do not have any tips (they usually have style for hair with 3-5 braids with the rest down or the typical Little house on the Prairie pigtails), so I thought I'd check here.

P.S. I've also checked lalolitas  because I remember seeing the same questoin being asked there, but I can't find it! Does anyone have the link?

Thank you, dearies! ^_^


loli_able is now OPEN!

Because of yesterday’s discussion about interest in a Lolita community for lolitas with disabilities, chronic illness, pain, psychiatric conditions, etc. ( link: ) I am happy to tell everyone, with the permission of Nessaneko, that the group it now up and running! It can be found here:

Please come and join us. People who don’t have any type of disability, but would like to join to learn more and be supportive are also welcome.

Gothic Lolita

Custom shops list?

So, maybe I am el stupido, but I thought this community once had a list of online stores/sellers of peeps who made good quality custom clothing, and/or sold bigger sizes than most japanese brands. Like Retroscope, or the brands sold under Qutieland. But I've been searching for it, to no avail.

If not, maybe we can remedy this. I would like to gather a list of shops that are known for fairly consistent quality. Maybe also mentioning the brands that offer larger sizes (As I remember, BTTSB, Metamorphose, and does Bodyline still carry them? Not that I'm lumping those together. xD) I mentioned this in a post a few days ago, but I'm getting back into Lolita after a couple of years, and I'm not very up to date on various resources. I feel like a n00b.

Thanks loves!
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