March 4th, 2010


Sweet lolita Music

I'm looking for Sweet lolita music to listen to when I sit and design lolita dresses ^_^
There is a lot of Lolita-ish music if you're interested in the gothic department (Malice Mizer etc etc) but I'm more into the sweet and sugary kind, Think Anglic Pretty; happy cute and colorful.

Personally I think that the korean group Kara makes a lot of cute lolitaish music, especially their songs "Honey", "Pretty Girl" and "Tasty Love". They even performed in full lolita outfits once!
Listen here;
Does anybody know groups/artists/pieces with this kind of approach?

amazing Target egl find!

Being the bargain-hunter that I am, I went to a local second-hand shop and found an awesome egl blouse there for $5. I looked up the brand of the item (Merona) online and found it to be from Target!!! It's original price was $17.99. It is currently on sale on the Target website for $12.59. Mine is black. It has a round neckline, stand-up collar and ruffled/buttoned cuffs. The cuffs look so much better in real life than on the picture. It's 97% cotton.

long sleeve blouse

Wearing crosses/rosaries for fashion

I'm not religious and I never wear crosses, but this post really made me want to wear some of these beauties. It got me thinking.

How do you feel about people wearing cross necklaces who aren't Catholic/Christian, purely for fashion purposes? I realize cross prints have been discussed before, but I think a cross necklace is a bit different because many people wear this item specifically to show their faith.

Is it rude or do you enjoy seeing the symbol regardless? Are large, overly decorated crosses just for fashion to you, or are they still a religious symbol? Your thoughts please. :)

Disabled lolitas?

I hope I'm not missing something, but I remember talk a while back about possibly making a community for disabled lolitas. Did this ever happen? If it didn't, is there still interest in this? Personally, I think it's a pretty awesome idea. I know I felt alone until I did little search just to see if it had been brought up before, so I'm sure there are others.
Wonder Woman

BTSSB's 'enchanted shoes set'?

Anyone else see the "enchanted shoes set" that will be up tomorrow on Baby's website HERE.

it's a shoe lucky pack~! you get to choose the size, but the shoes are a surprise. I wish I had enough money right now to get it...

2 sets of Baby's shoes for only ¥12,000? wow~ I want in.

anyone thinking of getting it?

p.s. didn't see anyone else post a topic about this. but if i has already been discussed I'll delete my post ^___^