March 3rd, 2010


extended date

so girls! tomorrow  was suposed to be the last day to enter in the contest, but since some friends told me they were going to take the pics on the weekend, i though i'll extend it, 5 more days
so the final day is march 10th

bases can be found here and the entries, here

remember to send the pics to and wait for my reply.
you'll get a 10% discount with your entry :)
thank you all for reading and have a nice day!
Baby Cthulu

Taobao Now Ordering

Hi! I just want to know if any of you ladies ordered from Taobao Now lately. I put in an order three weeks ago and it's still on waiting to process. I checked my emails for confirmation nearly daily, and heard nothing from them. I checked the site (painfully, I might add. Because, for some reason, the site keeps on redirecting me to a million other sites) two or three times a week and also came up with nothing.

Not Another Stupid "Oh no, DHL/Customs!" Question!

So, I'm a lolita newbie. Although I've admired the fashion a long time, I only got my first piece of lolita clothing (A Bodyline JSK... although until I get myself a petticoat and the like, it's really more of a pretty summer dress than a lolita outfit, but oh well...) yesterday. In fact, I'm new to ordering clothing overseas in general.

Stupidly, I didn't thoroughly research DHL before ordering, nor did I get the price marked down. I only got information though lurking in this community after I'd ordered it. I know so far that they sometimes charge extra for customs, and that the invoice will sometimes arrive months after ordering.

Now, I did in fact, get an invoice with my dress. But as this is also my first time ordering clothing overseas, so I don't know that much about DHL customs charges.
The price on the invoice is in Japan yen, and doesn't contain any information on how I can pay it. Is this the invoice I need to pay off or the invoice the sender needs to pay?

Sorry if this isn't allowed. And for the stupid question. ):

EDIT: I live in the UK, if DHL/Customs differs per country.

(no subject)

Does anyone know if Candy Violet's Fluffy petticoat (Malco Modes 582) would work under 50s style swing dresses such as Vivien of Holloway's?
I'm mostly worried that it'd be too short (petticoat is ~20" long vs. ~25" for the dress, it looks like) but maybe it wouldn't matter if worn on the hips rather than the natural waist?
EDIT: to clarify, I'm wondering because ideally I'd like to kill two birds with one stone and get the CV petticoat to wear with both lolita and 50s style dresses, but if it wouldn't work out I have plenty of other petticoat options handy to work with longer swing dresses.
Sorry for being a tad off-topic, but I figured I can't be the only lolita who's also into 40s/50s style clothing.