March 2nd, 2010


Hello loves!

I stumbled across a website called Gothic Plus, and they have a quite a big selection of Lolita. But, the photos they've used look like stock photos from brand websites? Looks a little sketchy, but I thought I'd ask. I did a quick search in the community for a mention of this website, and did not find anything. Has anyone ever purchased anything from them? If so, what was it like?

I've been out of the scene for awhile (does anyone remember me? I used to run this joint! haha. Now, I'm so out of the loop. D'oh), and slowly getting back into it. I'm trying to gather a list of websites that sell custom, brand-quality clothing as I'm a size 12 and considered plus size. :P

Thanks! :)

off white skirt coordinates, please!

Hi, ya'll! I need some inspiration this morning.

Will you please show me your coordinates with off-white skirts? (or cream or ivory, etc.) I'm talking about where the skirt is totally off-white (ie,... it doesn't have a print or other colors... it's just off-white). I know I've seen some great ones, but I can't find them...

Any substyle welcome! <3
Can be you, someone else, or a magazine scan, whatever.
If you know where the skirt is from, please say. <3

I would like to share my find with you -H&M-

I was in H&M with my boyfriend yesterday in Coquitlam Centre in Coquitlam British Columbia Canada. When both him and me found this in the accessories part of the store. It really made me happy, it looks so lolita inspiring. It cost me $5.95 CAN and of course I had to buy it. ♥

I took this picture from my bedroom on my cell phone.

Has anyone seen or bought anything else lolita inspired from H&M?
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Bodyline shoe color question (Answered!)

I'm totally going to get a pair soon!


I was wondering about the actual color of a few pairs of "light blue" shoes from BL. (Note: not the enamel light blue ones.) ... They look mint to me. XD

I have searched the memories but I couldn't find anything about the "light blue" shoes (and I have noticed that some pink BL shoes are more dusty pink).

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wonder party

BtSSB now making size LL Jumperskirts.

I'm not sure if anyone noticed this yet or not, but baby is now making JSKs in busts up to 41.7 inches and waists of 36.2 inches. You can see it on the latest version of the pockets embroidery. They have one other JSK that went up for sale today with this sizing. I think its pretty awesome that they are catering more to the overseas market where girls aren't as small as in japan. Perhaps it is due to some influence of having a store in the states... (or not! i actually have no idea, I just think it is awesome)
dragon master, shina

Could some one please help me


First time posting on here, but I went on a long search for the post I was almost positive I saw on here before; I'm looking for a post about altering a dress that doesn't fit (like it's too small) so that it will have a lace up back. I'm almost positive i saw it on here. If I'm wrong could some one help me find a tutorial similar to this. I'm looking for it for my friend who just bought a new dress and it's small in the waist. It would be so greatly appreciated!

Thank You in advance!!
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I am way too excited for this...

I used the search feature and nothing came up, but if this is a repeat post, please let me know.

Today at Target as I was perusing the Nintendo DS games I came across a game called "Lovely Lisa". I had seen it before, but was too embarrassed to pick it up. However, no one was in the aisle so I looked at the back of it, and it turned out to be a fashion game with a lot of Loli/Loli-esque items!

Naturally, I bought it.

It was created by Licca (the Japanese fashion doll company). Basically, you play a bunch of mini-games (like helping parents with various tasks, going to charm school, working odd jobs,) to earn points ($) and buy clothes/hair styles/accessories. It's definitely marketed toward 7-11 year olds, but it is soooo cute.

All of the games are pretty easy except for the nail-painting's oddly specific...:/

Hmmm...earning and saving money for the purpose of buying cute frilly things...familiar much? ;)

Here's a link if you're interested.

Just thought you might enjoy this too <3



Hello egl!

I was thinking I'd get myself a good parasol, just a simple black one.
I want to get one from BABY, since I love the designs, and the prices are within my range.
But when looking at the site, all of them are sold out! 
So I was just wondering, do they stock new only when the summer arrives? Do I really have to wait that long? And do they stock the same designs, or do they make new ones?
Sorry if this is a noob-question or anything;_;