March 1st, 2010

What happened to Bunny Brunch?

A long time ago there where photo's posted for CaroMaro's Bunny Brunch print.
And after that I never heard anything about the print again.
Did I miss it? Or was it never released?
Their twitter was last updated in September.
I really liked the print and got really exited when I saw the pics. And than I kind of forgot about it. I just saw the link
to their twitter in my bookmarks, hence this question.
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Lolita Of Walmart

While browsing for absolutely hilarious pictures I came across this new post.

They called her Little Miss Muffet.

Some of the comments in this post are of course the "omg who let her out of the house in that" comments, but then there are some that are more informative ("oh, that's lolita! It's a japanese fashion!").

Nothing to discuss, I just thought it was funny and it made my day.
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Houston Valentine's Day Party - Photos

Last Sunday, some of us Houston Lolitas and guests got together for a Valentine's Day party and mini-gift exchange. It was my and stratamander's first meet in Houston, and everyone was really sweet and a lot of fun to hang out with. Thank y'all so much for the welcome! (And welcome home for me: I was actually raised in Texas. :) )

We thought we'd share some of the photos Stratamander got, and hope you enjoy!

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Alice in Wonderland meet on the 7th

Since I haven't seen recent movement on the Rochester Lolitas board, I'm posting this here. Rochester Lolis, we need to get the tickets for this coming Sunday ahead of time, ESPECIALLY if we want to see this in 3D. I say that a final tally should be done by tomorrow, and someone should be selected to go and buy the tickets (either paid ahead of time or by paypal, of course). Suggestions? BTW, I would totally do this if I actually was in Rochester, not 2 counties down.
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Edwardian Fashion & Lolita

Last semester, the final project for my History of Fashion class was to chose a garment from my University's historical clothing collection, research it, restore it, and display it. I want to share the dress I displayed and some information about Edwardian era fashion with egl because this look has been influential to lolita fashion. I hope you enjoy it!

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Thank you for looking!
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How to repair grease stains on parasols


This is my very first post here and I wish that wasn't such a tragic one!

Today was a very rainy day and I went to my English course (so please excuse any mistakes, I'm still learning!) with my beautiful pink BTSSB parasol/umbrella. When I got home, there were 3 horrible grease stains all over it! WTF?

After moments of panic, I came with a solution and though it would be nice to share. :3

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Edit: She'll never read this, but many thanks to my mom who wasted all her evening helping me clean a stupid (beautiful, gorgeous, cute) umbrella. <333