February 27th, 2010


Search Terms for Prints!

Hey ladies,

I know in the memories there are links for search terms reguarding brand searches or for specific types of items such as a "skirt" but I was wondering if there was one with the japanese for certain prints or if I just imagined it because I couldn't find it when I looked.

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Petticoats in Tokyo

I tried using the search function and failed miserably.

I'm in search of a new petticoat. I want something I guess that's more cupcake-ish because I really love having the extra poof. And it would be great if I could buy it somewhere in the Tokyo area. Can anyone recommend any stores that sell good quality petticoats that also is under 100 dollars/10,000 yen?

Thank you!

Shirley temple socks sizes~

I wonder if anyone might have ever tried socks from Shirley Temple? How big are their sizes in comparison to Baby and Ap? Might anyone be able to share on what sz 13-15 for socks means? Thanks so much!!~~

Also...I wonder if anyone knows whether to find treble clef necklaces? (those on etsy and ebay seem inordinately tiny...but I am looking for  bigger ones :)

Sorry for rather queer questions! Haha :)


No banner change

Hi everyone! Just to let you know that i can't change the banner this month. My laptop has died and as such i have no way to access the files to create the banner/layout. I'm really sorry to everyone who submitted art, i did receive them and they will go up in a poll for next months layout. By then my laptop should be fixed.

Also i am away this weekend as well as having a lot of work on these next few weeks, so i wont be as active as usual. Thanks for reading!
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A bright yellow dress with a bright red petticoat

I'm going to attempt my first one-piece. And I'm a fatty. Is shirring the back a good way to go? Or all the way around? And where do I stop (lenghtwise for all around, and length and widthwise for just the back)?

Second thought: If I wanted to do a button-up, all the way up from the bottom, what's the trick for attaching the skirt to the waist?

Also, what colour tights/stockings do you think I ought to wear with this dress?

Also, any other advice?
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I thought it would be nice to have a short, simple list that tells you what you're going to deal with when going with either shipping. Please comment if you having anything to add and also tell me what country you're in (the reason being, for example, I know that Canada gets hit with customs very often). Also, please comment even if someone has already said what you were going to say; the reason being is that I keep question marks next to everything unless it has had three people agree that this is the case. Thank you in advance for any information you can give to this list!

  • gets hit with customs more often (US, Canada, France? Costa Rica? Germany?)
  • only get hit with customs if cost goes over a certain amount (Australia, Netherlands?)
  • has had problems (Canada?)
  • faster (UK, US? Costa Rica? Canada? Malaysia? Russia?)
  • more expensive (Canada? Costa Rica? Germany? Russia?)
  • can pick up at post office (None?)
  • has tracking (all countries)
  • gets hit with customs more often (UK, Malaysia?)
  • only get hits with customs if cost goes over a certain amount (Australia, Netherlands, UK?)
  • has had problems? (UK? Netherlands?)
  • faster (Australia?)
  • more expensive (none?)
  • can pick up at post office (US, Costa Rica? Canada? Malaysia? UK?)
  • has tracking (all countries)


hello, im so sorry for the recent-spamming about the contest but i must advise you my gmail account is not working really well, so if you sent the entry and i didn't reply, send it to


and wait FOR MY REPLY.

again, the contest will end MARCH 5th, bases are here in This post  in my blog
and you can see the entries here at the facebook page
if you have any questions please ask!!
thank you and have a good day!!
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 The movie time have been released on Cineplex. You can buy your tickets directly using credit card or even interac. Showtime is at 6:25pm and will cost 15.50$ per person. We highly suggest you buy your ticket in advance (meaning now) before they sell out. Also this is the final reminder to let me know if you plan on coming to the meetup so I can add you to the list. We also have FB events for the two events. All details have been edited so please take a look. Thank You.
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loliable apron from avon!!!

So my mom sent me a late valentine's present and apparently Avon had a section in one of their last books for some cute cooking wear and one of the aprons looked like this:

It makes a great dress silhouette shape and I think it was only 15 dollars. So if any of you are looking for something cute to cook in the kitchen with or your lolita dress you should see if you have any avon rep to help you find it. I searched online for it but to no avail.

I hope this isn't too off topic if it is then mods feel free to delete this. Enjoy the rest of your weekend lolitas :)
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Quick question about Japanese childrens sizing

I found a very loliable Hello Kitty parka on Y! Japan Auctions and it is a childrens size 160cm. Since I'm pretty sure Japanese sizing for children goes by height, and I'm 5"1, I think this will fit me. I was just wondering if anyone else here has had experience buying childrens clothes in Japanese sizes before I commit to buying it. I have no trouble fitting into the clothing sold at my local Sanrio store.
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Have you seen these Hot Topic shoes?

Not sure if I missed the post, in which case I'll delete this, but I haven't seen anyone talking about these new shoes at Hot Topic. There's also a pair in black.

Definitely more hime than lolita, but I thought they were...interesting. I'd love to see them in person. That's quite a heel, though.

What do you think? Cute? Or another HT fail?
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