February 25th, 2010

  • al_lusa

Question about Prince Lolita

 well I been reading a bunch of article and I found that there is this style called prince lolita and I am really interested in . I want to know more about it but I can not find related topic... most site give me a name and that is it ... I check the lolita handbook and could not find a hint about it... Anyone else heard of it? (note: it is not princess , it is prince)
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Baby Cthulu

Review: Elsie Massey Original/Victorian Rose, Inc

While on my way out the door today, my Victorian Rose mini hat came by the way of UPS. Please pardon the cell phone pics from bf's cell phone and t-shirt shots. My camera died sometimes back.

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Overall, I am very satisfied with Victorian Rose, Inc and the work of Elsie Massey Original.

Craftsmanship: 5/5

The fit and finish is very well contructed. Nothing is falling off and sticking out. The flower is made of velvet. The feathers, veiling and the train are solidly anchored to the hat. There is no leftover glue mark.

Shipping: 5/5

It arrived in a quick and timely manner. The purchase was made on 15th of February and the package arrived on the 24th of February. But, I was out, so they left me a notification. UPS was very accommodating and friendly.

Satisfaction: 5/5

ETA: Site link works now. Webmaster fixed the connection issue.
White Rabbit

A Lolita in the Olympics?

A friend of mine just texted me to tell me to turn on the figure skating competition that's airing right now, because they ran a bio piece about one of the Japanese skaters and they showed her wearing "a lolita like dress with a polka dot parasol."

I didn't turn it on in time to catch the piece on her, and my friend didn't catch the girl's name, but only two Japanese women are skating tonight, Mao Asada and Miki Ando.

Did anyone else happen to catch this?

EDIT: According to apple_ophelia , "while it had the lolita silhouette, it wasn't lolita; just adorable."

False alarm. Go about your business. ^^