February 24th, 2010

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something I been wanting to know

I live down south in US ( by south ... I meant far down south, I live in Alabama... Yeah I know ... real southern...)

well, people around me does not know what lolita is... (they think it is a word for liking a young child... it was because of the book lolita...)

So I really want to know anyone lolitas out there is from the south... 
and is there any meet ups anywhere near by at all... (it is more of a want to know kind of things)

 If you are or know someone from the south... would you post and tell me...

Ongoing BTSSB Shopping Serive San Fran

I was thinking of starting a shopping service to San Francisco's Baby store as a way to have a bit of extra cash on the side. I want to start my own business soon, and I think this would be a good way to get used to working, but not anything too stressful.

I would only charge a small service fee for the effort. I live in Georgia, but I could fly down to California for the afternoon, and ship the packages the next day. Plus, I love San Francisco

How many of you ladies would be interested in this? Any other places/items should have a shopping service?

Tell me what you think.

BTW, I don't pay for flights since my mother works for Delta Airlines, so flight costs aren't an issue.

Mary Magdalane blouse detail picture request.

Normally I don't do these, but Chris' apparel design class needed to pick a shirt collar to knock off (as an exercise in learning patternmaking and construction). I suggested a couple of lolita blouses, and they picked one! Specifically, this one. The photos on the site are pretty good, but Chris would really appreciate a photo of the underside of the collar, with the collar itself flipped up, so he can get a better idea about the construction.

If anyone has a Mary Magdalene blouse with a similar collar, photos of that would probably be useful.

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

[Mods please feel free to delete if this is not allowed.]

I have a friend who desperately wants this dress:

I tried looking for it on Closet Child, but had no luck.
About the dress...
Brand: Angelic Pretty
name: I'm not completely for sure but think its name is Kurashikarudorepuwanpis [Though I could be wrong....]

My question: Has anyone recently saw this dress being resold anywhere or know I good place I could look.

I would like to thank everyone who helped
love n' gun

Bodyline Dress Question

Hey, I have a few questions about this dress from Bodyline:

Does anyone have any pictures of it being worn where the badge... thing on the collar is shown well? The model's hair covers it up. ;3; Also, any pictures of it in any color besides pink would be swell. And, since this IS Bodyline, is the quality nice enough? I'm not asking for like super duper brand quality or anything, but is there anything bad about the material/trim?
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Awful polkadots...

I have a dress with these large white polka dots - the dress is red (Minnie mouse red). I wore it to a fancy dress party, (don't worry fellow lolis, my fashion taste isn't this bad! ). I was wondering if you could think of anything to do with the material. I was thinking a bag with bows or buttons in the dots, but I'm not sure how that would work. Suggestions?


Kat x
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Cordinates with Brown and White (Edited)

I want to get this skirt from QutieLand and these shoes from Rakuten and match them:

But I'm a little confused for coordinates.
  • Should I get a brown shirt/brown socks?
  • Or is a white shirt/white sock combo possible?
  • Or do you think I can wear brown socks with a white shirt?
  • How about  cream socks/brown shirt?

Should your socks always match your top, so that you don't wear one band of color?

What is this replica?

Can someone tell me what AP dress this KidsYoyo dress is a replica of? If possible I'd like to see photos (both stock photos and photos of it being worn!) Is it the Angelic Princess JSK? I saw someone looking for an OP that looks kind of similar a few posts down that ended up being Angelic Princess... Confirm?

Thank you!