February 23rd, 2010

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Rose Chocolat

Ok...I searched the memories and found an old review about rose Chocolat. But I found out that the had closed an recently re-opened. Has anyone ordered from them since then? I'm really curious because I am looking to order a pair of boots from them within the next month (I'm only picking them because the have a pair of brown boots) and I really don't want to pay money for something that will fall apart once I take them out the box. Also, how true is their size chart?? I know that my foot measuers at 25cm. Should I go with the size on their chart or should I be wary and go a size up/down???


Hi! Here is my second post in the same day (almost :P)
My first post (community.livejournal.com/egl/15082861.html) was about bodyline and a specific candy skirt that is sold out. Then, nubcaekz  make me discover Cosmates and I was wondering if there is any review of them? Even if they sell bodyline's clothes, I'm curious about the service (don't know if I can use that word in this context like in French... o.o) and (the killing question! ouuhh) why do the prices are lower then in the bodyshop website?

I have a question

I want to know how to pay when you buy something from Bodyline. Can you pay with VISA electron or by bank transfer? And how much is the shipping to Finland? I really want to buy something, because they have some really cheap and cute stuff ^-^
I have searched around for this on the website but I can't find it.

Please delete this if it's not allowed, thanks :>
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Misako's photos from last weekend's events

Probably not all of you read Misako Aoki's blog, so I thought I should point you all to the pictures she's posting from this past weekend's events in New York. Some of the photos we took for her and you may have already seen them, but she's got a lot of her own photos too.  A lot of you are in the photos she's posting! You're famous in Japan now :)

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Picture request

I am interested in those dress and I wanted to know if anyone had them and could send me a picture
comment about the quality.

qutieland : KidsYoYo Mary Style High Waist Op ( KYO0005B ) -left
qutieland : Victoria Princess JSK-right

Thank you !
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Baby in Taiwan Closing

I haven't been on their blog in a long time but I think the most recent post is about them closing so they're having a sale.


I had my mom translate it for me but I believe they are closing at the end of February. I'm so sad :( I was hoping to go back there over the summer and buy something. And they don't ship overseas right?

Just thought I let some people know.

On the other hand, what other Lolita shops are there in Taiwan? Is that one shop carrying Angelic Pretty really closed?

Please correct me if the translation is completely wrong! (That would be so embarassing...>.<) Or just delete it.