February 22nd, 2010

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Hi! This is my first post on egl ^-^ I have to clarify that my first language is not English, it is French.(I am nervous that my writing is maybe incomprehensible)
So, i did a little search about my questioning but find nothing :(
My question is : when a dress, skirt, blouse, etc. becomes sold out, there is no way I can buy it in the store anymore?
Like this one o.o :

And there is a few in the website of qutieland that are sold out too! :'(

Thanks by the way!
By me!

Manchester Alice Meet!

The Manchester lolitas are having a long-overdue meet-up for the new Alice In Wonderland film!

It will be held on the 20th of March, we'll be going to see the film in 3D at the Printworks, and going to Pizza Hut for food afterwards : D

As I couldn't find any times for the film yet, I'll be posting some updates closer to the time so everything can be organised accordingly. This is more of a heads-up so I can catch you all in advance!

And of course, the theme for this meet is... Alice In Wonderland!

Please let me know if you can come! : )

EDIT: Okay then, due to this http://uk.movies.yahoo.com/blog/article/13146/cinema-boycott-threatens-alice.html, just to be safe we'll be going to AMC behind Gmex! Thanks to the ladies who pointed this out!

Looking for a girl~

I've seen posts like this before and I'm kind of desperate so...

On Sunday I was at the Crossroads Flea Market in Calgary, Alberta when I ran into a girl wearing a Mary Magdalene dress. I know we chatted for a bit but I never got any contact info and I hope that you read this and we can see each other again. I was the girl in the Bodyline skirt.

Mods, delete this if it isn't allowed.

Tokyo Fashion Festa Backstage Pass

Hey guys! Sorry this is a little late, but I'm going to be adding to a few of the posts on the Tokyo Fashion Festa that went down last Friday in NYC.

I had the pleasure of translating for Misako when she came to NY, and along with a few stories, I have backstage shots of the show!

For a full report, follow the fake cut! But do leave comments back here if you prefer!

(Follow me here to a blog post!)

P.S. Had a blast, and everyone was darling! If I met you that day, I wanna see ya again soon!
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Lace shop in Japan

A while ago it was a post about a online shop in Japan that
sold some really pretty lace, many tulle lace.
Does anyone have this link? I couldn't find when I searched for it :(
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