February 21st, 2010

hat mask

Sew_Loli Contest Voting!

We've recently had 2 contests end on sew_loli, and we'd like you to vote for your favorite entries!

First, it's a bit delayed, but our last Quarterly Challenge, Winter Ball, ended at the beginning of January! The poll is HERE! Please vote for your favorite!

Our last Monthly Challenge, New Year's Resolutions, in which each seamstress was asked to try something new that they'd not attempted before, ended at the beginning of February, and voting for that is also now open! Please vote for your favorite HERE!

As always, we appreciate your votes! There were some really lovely entries, so please check out the work of some of your fellow lolitas and let them know what you think! <3

In case anyone is not a member of that community but likes to sew, we are always welcoming new members! Our current Monthly Challenge is Furry February, and ends on Sunday, March 7! Give it a try! :D

English gothic & lolita bibles..

I've been "away" from the lolita scene lately because of gaining weight and then endig up none of my clothes fitting any more.. And I decided to get all the latest issues of gothic & lolita bible.. But after rambling trought amazon I only find 5 versions of it, is that right? I got the first four ones, but have they stopped giving them out or something?

I searched and checked memories, so sorry if I've missed something.