February 19th, 2010


Annoying Pic Request

This is something that I've wondered for a while. I used to do the unspeakable thing of wearing a JSK without a blouse underneath (which I know is debatable, but now that I realize it's not generally accepted, I feel embarrassed =>.<=), but now I tend to wear a blouse with my JSKs. However, I've seen many brand and offbrand tanktops and camisoles, and even some tops that are strapless to be worn with lolita. How exactly are these coordinated? I'd like to see some pictorial examples, if you've got them. :) They're awfully cute, but I don't want to buy one unless I'm sure I can coordinate it without looking, er, trampy. =^_^=;
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Salvaging a petticoat

So, I've posted a couple of times about the Bodyline order I was doing for my sister, and everything finally arrived safe and sound, and I'm very happy about that.

The problem is, I totally ordered the wrong petticoat. I don't know how it happened, but it did, and I wound up with something that is a) too small in the waist and b) too short.

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I've posted an entry on egl_comm_sales, but I don't have feedback as a seller, so I think my chances of getting anyone to believe I'm not a scammer are relatively slim, which means that I just have to make the best of things.

So, does anyone have any tips for how I can salvage this whole situation?

Thanks in advance. I'm sorry to be such a pain. :(

Well, it looks like someone did want to buy it after all! Thanks a bunch. :)

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It's been more than enough time to have gotten your gift even if the Secret Santa was late. If you still haven't gotten it, I'll give you their LJ name and email so you can contact them and leave feedback.

Comments will be screened!

btw, this is yanderess renamed.

Haute couture inspiration from Chanel

While the silhouette might not be lolita (there's not a cupcake skirt in sight) the colours, cuts and most of all the head-eating bows of the new 'Neon Baroque' collection from Karl Lagerfeld really does seem like there's some lolita inspiration. An outfit like this or this could be so easily worn as office attire, perhaps with the shorts swapped out for a print skirt from Baby in more muted tones and worn without a petticoat. I could see this lace cloak and hairstyle reinterpreted into a gorgeous bolero worn with an OTT Angelic Pretty dress. And I don't care whether this is lolita or not. I want it. Now. I'm hoping the real push towards pastels and lace will translate into easy-to-coordinate pieces in the high street, but at the same time I wish I had a thousand dollars to spend on amazing couture. It really puts lolita prices in perspective :)
(You can see the whole collection here. The photos link to hi-res closeups which are pretty amazing.)
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Yeah, ah mah gahd.

Does any of you know what's wrong with the Baby webpage today? 

I was going to make an order but there are barely any items left - one pair of shoes and nothing else in the "Shoes & Bag" page, for instance.
Does this mean all the rest of the items won't ever be restocked online or what?

Yesterday they were all there - I checked the webpage so I could save the pictures of the items I wanted so I could put them up in my flickr and wishlist - but today there's almost nothing left. Nothing that I wanted is here and I'm so worried they won't come back >: the heart bag and lace-topped plain black socks are almost guaranteed to come back because, as the classic items they are, they always do, but the berry-print tights and the cross-ribbon design OTKs are newer designs so I'm worried about those.

As far as I can read there is no notice or information panel on this sudden change in the website's front page, so I am definitely weirded out by this.
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Last goddamn resort for Suppurate System

Hey all - some of you may remember my last post detailing my problem getting my Suppurate System LP, and the situation STILL hasn't changed. I'm pulling out my hair in complete and utter frustration about it, and need some help again, hopefully from those of you who have ordered from them on the Japanese end, not the international side.

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