February 18th, 2010

Mad Hatter
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Livejournal Virus?

Hello, as you can see this post is totally unrelated to Lolita. However, I am very certain that I got these issues from Livejournal and would like to give everyone a heads up. You don't have to read this, but I certainly believe that everyone should read it. I am unsure if Mods would like me to take this off or leave this on seeing that this is an off-topic post. I will remove this post if it is necessary.

From a couple replies, I am not certain if this virus comes from LJ Ads or the sales comm itself. If you have been hit by this virus, please do post of what you were doing at that moment so I can try to determine whether it is from the Ads or the sales comm. So far, my hunch is that it is from LJ Ads.

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Tokyo Fashion Festa NYC

 I was planning to go to the Tokyo Fashion Festa, but got confused about how to RSVP once they put up it up on facebook.  Does anyone happen to have an extra plus 1, in which I could be the plus 1??  I'll totally dress up in gothic loli with you!

paypal question

hello ladies! i need you to answer my question if you please
what happen with the pp credit? can you get the money in cash? i know here in argentina you can't but what about europe. can you go to the back and get the money?
thank you so much!


(no subject)

This kind of caught my attention a few weeks back really, but I wasn't completely sure until I noticed it again today.

There's a show I regularly watch on BBC 2 and it's a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, called Material Girl, which is a dramatised look on the fashion business.

And there's a recurring character in it, who's always wearing what seems to big a big, poofy lolita-inspired skirt - petticoat and all!

But I want to know whether or not you'd classify it as lolita? Some of her clothes match the kind of lolita aesthetic, but they're very mismatched!

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By sparkism

A problem with the Tokyo Fashion Festa NY event

Collapse )Apparently for people that RSVP'ed themselves and a guest, they were supposed to get a second e-mail asking for the guest's e-mail. I have received confirmation that I RSVPed for two people, but I did not receive a second e-mail asking for my guest's e-mail. I have sent them an e-mail just now with my guest's e-mail and full name. I'm very worried that I won't be able to bring my guest with me.

Is there anyone else that did not receive an e-mail asking for their guest's e-mail and definitely got a confirmation for two people?

(I'm quite sorry that I'm adding to spam posts of this event)

Edit: I got an e-mail from the people at FIT, they said I didn't need a second e-mail. So that person I heard of this from was just a special case.

Little Question~

Does anyone know if the English version of the Loli Bible is still being published? I have up to volume 5 and after that I never saw them again >.<' does anyone know anything?
Thank you in advance!~ and sorry if it has been asked before ^.^'