February 17th, 2010

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Appropriate Loli wear for work

Hello girls (and guys),

Since Lolita and careers seems to be a hot topic this week, I thought I would show you some scrubs that might pass as "loliable" for those of us who work in the medical field.

*mods, if this is inappropriate, please delete*


I thought some of the tops can pass for cutsews, and the nurse shoes look like RHS. So, although brand may be impractical for my job (I work at a vet's office, so I come home with hair, blood and other gross stuff on me often,) I can still look good :D

Yet Another Update for Tokyo Faashion Festa

I read some of the comments on their Facebook page and this is what they said (please note that this information is important to those who re dying to go):

"Don't worry! U guys are on the list already [the people who RSVP'd].
You should get conformation tmrw or so, if not come w/ID"

It means that if you RSVP'd but did not get a conformation email, you CAN still show up if you bring your ID.

EDIT: Check your email, girls! I just got a conformation!
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Misako Aoki meet & greet update - important info! UPDATE: the line is now closed!

This is probably going to be our last update on the Feb. 20th meet & greet with Misako Aoki here - any future ones will be on our blog. But this is the really important one. If you're planning on attending and don't regularly watch our store blog, please keep reading!

THE LINE IS NOW CLOSED! Thanks to all who emailed us earlier, but we have now reached capacity. Hopefully everybody got a number that wanted one!

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sugarwater and hairgel question

Hi girls,

I know that in the time around 1910 they used sugarwater to put in their hair, then slept with rags and have beautifull ringlets in their hair for the whole day.

Now we have like a million things for in our hair so i don't know what is right to put in before I put in the rags. Do I need hairgel, wax or spray?

what did you do? how did it turn out?

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Tokyo Fashion Festa NY Meet?

Since all the hubbub about the Fashion Festa starts organizing itself, I want to get a basic list of people who got confirmations and if anyone willing to do a semi-meet. Just a meet up in one area and go into the event together kind of thing, maybe even take pictures with one another and catch up with others.

If anyone has any suggestions on what we can do afterwords, I'm open to any reasonable idea. I was hoping maybe we can go get dinner together after the show and some snacks.

Sounds like a vague enough plan?

Fairy Lolita and Deco Lolita Guides?

I was wondering if there were any definitive guides of fairy-Lolita or deco-Lolita. I poked around in the memories to no avail and Google is churning out mounds of crap today (sorry for the language). I would really appreciate a good guide on how to go about these two styles, especially fairy-Lolita, but would like something more than just AP with lots of accessories (Although I love that look too.) . Thanks!

Angelic Pretty Lucky Pack

 So it was not much of a mystery what was going to be in the AP LP, but the photo was really small and hard to see details.
Here is what my Solid Pink Pack (with the bear) looks like.  Anyone get the print LP?  (I had epic fail on trying to get that one).
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Bodyline shoes

Does anyone own either Shoes 165 and 166 or Shoes 165 and 167.  I have Shoes 165 and size 23 fit me perfectly.  However, I want to be sure that Shoe 166 or 167 are of the same scale as Shoe 165.  Bodyline sizes seem to be all over the place and I'm very hesitant because I bought Shoe 168 and a pair of creepers in size 23 and both were too small.  I wear a size 6.5 in US dress shoes.  Please help.

help for a newbie?

On saturday i'm hoping to wear my first lolita outfit, although i am still making a lot of items at the moment so i'll be cutting it fine, but i guess i just want some feedback on my ideas and maybe help and tips from you guys too.

I have had a look in the history/search box and i found a bit of help but not really a lot for what i'm asking.

I am probably one of the larger lolita's out there, and i'm hoping to wear gothic lolita, a simple black bell shaped skirt with ruffles around the bottom, a white blouse detailed with ruffles but not heavily so because my top half is fairly big and i don't want to be drawing masses of attention to it, and a waist clincher.

Can waist clinchers/corsets be worn with lolita? If so are there any photos out there that could help me with ideas in the future?
Any tips for my basic outfit idea? How could i dress it up more? Any other ideas that might work?

Just a quick note, i love the idea of an a-line skirt, but i miserably failed at making one, so i'll leave that type of skirt untill i have money and can pay someone to do a better job at making one that me haha.

Many thanks, and i hope that you are all well =)
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