February 16th, 2010


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 So I guess it's cool to post a blog

Its about CLASSIC lolita, cuz I've never really worn sweet, It's just not that lolita to me. It feel like a barbie or something.  I guess I prefer the older stuff.
k-on, yui

Question: Best fit for empire waist?

Being bored on Presidents' Week break here in the US, I've been window shopping, and I'm finding a lot of empire waisted dresses and JSKs I really like.  However, I know that empire waists in general might make the skinniest girl look like she's 7 months pregnant or the curviest girl look like a rectangle.  I'd imagine that this problem would only be magnified because of the huge lolita petticoats.

Does anyone have advice on the best way to wear an empire waist dress?  Would they be better for short/tall, busty/flatter, A-line/cupcake, etc.?
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Favorite off-brand/homemade coord!

Okay y'all, I know there are a lot of us out there who don't have too many brand elements in our wardrobe for whatever reason. So what's your favorite coordinate with few or no brand elements to it? I'm not talking a Baby skirt with a department store blouse, I'm talking department store everything! Or maybe it's something you modified to be more lolita, or maybe it's something you made yourself!

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Hello Kitty costume!

Ok guys, I know it's nowhere near Halloween. But I've been working on a play (which I also have to perform in) for an Independent Study that I've been working on all year. Hello Kitty shows up as a main character(don't ask), and I thought that I could use lolita as a part of the costume.
Here's where you guys come in. I want you to help come up with some casual-y lolita HK costume for under $100 USD. You don't have to do all the work, just like " I think this Bodyline dress would look killer for the costume." And I will be reusing it for Halloween, etc.
Let'sa go!
Edit: Ooooh, Because I'm not going to clog EGL's arteries with another post, has anyone seen the Mulberry Ruby Bayswater? It's the cutest! Link!

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Possible NYC meet...??

Hi! I'll be visiting the east coast area (Pittsburgh, PA to be exact) between the dates of March 14h through March 21st.

It's undecided which dates I'll be going, but I'll be visiting NYC sometime during these dates.
I know it's kind of hard to arrange without knowing exact dates, but...

Would anyone like to possibly have a meet up of some sort?
I've already talked to a few people in the area, but I figured I'd post here as well since I've always wanted to meet with the lovely NYC lolitas!

I really hope I can meet a few of you! I'm really excited to visit the east coast for the first time!

Thank you for your time. I really hope we can hash something out! <3
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Southern California Lolita Scene?

I will be on holiday in the San Diego area for all of next week and was wondering if anyone in this community lives in that area or is familiar with it. I have heard that Lolita has a significant following in California (after all, the American Baby The Stars Shine Bright shop is in San Francisco). Are there any Lolita-themed or otherwise Japanese-influenced attractions in Southern California that I should check out? For example, I remember watching a video on YouTube about a maid cafe in San Francisco; is there anything like that in or near San Diego?

Photo request; Anna House

Hello everyone,
I've been mulling over and over my first real lolita purchase, giving the search function and Memories more attention than my school work and poking around the other livejournal lolita communities and your input could well be the begining of lolita for me.

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Is it just me??/

Is anyone having trouble ordering from Bodyline? Everytime I try to, I get a message from PP saying that I can't access my account at the moment. And this hs been going on since Saturday. I don't know what to do cause this is the last day for me to order a skirt I want and have it in my hands on time for a meetup I'm going to on Sat. If anyone else is having this problem and know how to get around it, let me know.
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Quick IW Announcement

Hi, this is your IW representative here with some news. Our internet connection has been down since Monday so we haven't been able to invoice anyone on Paypal or respond to emails! But there is one computer in the office that does connect and we've still been receiving your orders and locating your items at our store locations if they aren't in the office (as we usually do). Feel free to keep making orders too.

Sorry for the slowness - hopefully the problem will be fixed by tomorrow!

PS - A new issue of KERA magazine came out today with a spread of an upcoming classic-style IW print for spring featuring pansies! I encourage you all to check it out-  I'm going to have to snag one of them for myself ;) It should go up for reserve within the next few weeks ^^