February 15th, 2010

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ACEN 2010 meet-up

Hey girls [and possibly guys?]. Me and some other girls on the ACEN.org forums decided to do a meet-up. If any of you are attending, please let us know if you'd like to join us!

Day: Friday, May 14th 2010
Time: 1:00pm
Place: Rosemont, IL [Water fountain
Duration: ???]
Othr information: We are trying to figure out where we can go for some baked goods and so on. But I was thinking, parking is annoying so how about we bring some home-made [or store bought, whichever you prefer] baked goods? We'd just need to buy drinks or something. Oh and the water fountain.. I mean the BIG one outside of the main hotel entrance.
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Gothic Winter ♥

Yesterday I went out in the beautiful winter weather together with blackangelriku and stelala. We wanted to do a Valentine inspired kuro lolita photoshoot.
We went to a abandoned factory and a burned out house.
It was a cold pleasure for the girls but the pictures made it all worth while~
By the way, I'm just the photographer, I'm not in any of the pictures. You can view more of my work here!

We hope you enjoy

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New Lolita Blog to check out

  I started a Lolita blog at the beginning of this year and it is going well.  Check it out and tell me what you think.

I post everyday about my jewelry, clothes, sewing, my shop on Etsy, and whatever else strikes my fancy. 
Follow me with Google Friend Connect so you get updated whenever I post and bookmark it.
I hope you ladies like it and read it everyday.
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lolita sans lolita?

EDIT: Wow, thanks you everyone for the comments - I wish I could reply to each one but I wasn't expecting my mailbox to fill up with nearly 100 comments. I appreciate all the input and the reality checks :) No longer worried about being accepted into the community anymore (as you've all shown me) - I think I'll be calling myself a "non-practicing lolita" or a "lolita at heart". ♥

Hi girls! I'm new here at EGL, and have a topic of interest that has bothered me for quite some time that I would love to get your opinion on. I searched pretty far back through the archives and couldn't find anything that was specific to what I had in mind.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to read.

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