February 14th, 2010

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DHL for Bodyline: help, please?

Okay, I'm really, really confused. I ordered some skirts from Bodyline since they've been having a $20 shipping sale, and I admit that I did so without really checking what this whole DHL business meant. Mistake #1. :(

This is my question: is my package going to be sent to the shipping address I gave, or am supposed to go pick it up? I'm kind of getting antsy here, seeing a "cosignee premises closed" note on the "service destination," and I'm wondering if "service destination" means, pretty much, that's where the line stops and now it's up to me to go save my purchase.

Someone who's had experience with this, please help/console me. Thank you.

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Fan+Friend Dress Question [ANSWERED]

Has anyone ever bought this dress from Fan+Freind? What's it like? I was thinking of getting it as a prom dress. I want to cut off the voile though. It looks to misquito net-ish for me, but I love the print. (I usually don't like prints, but for some reason, this...) Would that be a good choice, or would take away from the dress? And would it be even possiblre, or is the netting really sewn in at the top?
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This is upsetting

I recently bought a dress from Btssb, it got here yesterday and i was so exited i showed pictures to all of my friends, one of whom told me the dress looks terrible because A. My breasts are too large and look fat and ugly and B. because my skin tone is tan and not pale white. I wonder, has anyone else been told this before?
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Alternative to a blouse?

Hello EGL!

So I'm in a bit of a dilema ~ I have a tea party coming up in a few weeks, and I have NO blouses/shirts that match my skirt =/

Besides blouses, what kind of tops go well with skirts that you can find at the mall?
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Washing Question

Hello egl!
I recently bought a black blouse from Anna House with lots of cotton lace, and no shirring or stretch.
Today was my first time washing it, and since it's my first Loli-blouse, I was really careful, and decided to check the washing instructions. It said dry clean only, so I hand-washed it in lukewarm water, and then let it drip dry.
I was just wondering, is it actually possible to wash your Loli-blouses in the washing machine? Or do they break down completely? Seeing as I wear Lolita on an almost daily basis, it seems like a hell of a lot of work to hand-wash every single one of your blouses...

So how do you do? Do you hand-wash them all, or do you run them in the washing machine? If so, which setting do you use?
(I also checked the memories for this, but didn't find anything specific... Sorry if I'm a noob, if so, please delete this post (and maybe give me a link to a post where I can find information?))
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