February 13th, 2010

Match Kaya's outfit in "Node of Schezero" with stock photos?

Hello!  Yes, this is a picture request.  I am making a cosplay commission of Kaya in Node of Schezero wearing a gorgeous lolita ensamble, but am unable to find clear pictures of the outfit my customer wants.  It occurred to me that Kaya does a lot of stuff with BtSSB, and that what he's wearing probably is something they produced and that better pictures do exist! (I pray).  Collapse )

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Reminder: contest!

just wanted you to remember you have 10 more days to enter in the contest!
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new info!!
10% discount voucher with your entry, does not matter if you don't win!
check the fb page to see some of the entries! hurry :D

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thank you for your time!
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Would these fit & how should I order? (Bodyline sizing help + ordering options)

This ended up being a two part question of sorts. First question: I'm interested in buying the following items from either the Bodyline website or Cosmates:



The pannier is for my sister, who I think has around a 94 cm waist (I may be a bit off). The checkered skirt is for me and I have a 92 cm waist. I read in one of the entries on egl_plus that Bodyline uses what seems to be hard core industrial strength elastics and while the garment could be wearable, it may be uncomfortable as it'll be a close fit. I think that the pannier would be alright but the skirt may be a problem. Should I even bother ordering it or would replacing/removing the elastics solve any pinching problems?

Second and last my dears: EMS or DHL? My mom gets stuff from China occasionally and the sites she shops on uses EMS. We've never had a problem with them and if we're not home to receive the package, it just goes to our local post office. As for DHL, well... I'm also worried about paying ridiculous customs on something that probably won't be more than 60 dollars (I live in Canada if that'll help).

Thanks in advance!

[Edit] I'm definitely going to pass on the skirt as it would probably end up being an uncomfortable fit but at least the pannier's a go!

Qutieland Tea Party Sizing Question

Girls, I need your help - I'd like to purchase a pair of tea party shoes from Qutieland, but I have a question about sizing. I always wear shoes size 38, but Qutieland only offers 37 (size M) or 39 (size L). What size would you recommend me? Do they run small or big? Or should I stay away from them?

The dream dress you've never seen again?

I know there are a lot of discussions about dream dresses but I haven't found one on the specific subject I was thinking about. But...

Do you have a dream dress you've only ever seen once, be it in real life, in a magazine, on a website (with "Sold Out" beneath it! T_T) but have never, ever seen it again?

My dream dresses are an old BPN dress that I missed on the sales comm by fifteen minutes and an older Atelier Pierrot dress that I've only ever seen in the GLB and once on the sales comm (the seller disappeared off the planet without answering my question...)