February 12th, 2010

Love in Lolita.. (feel free to delete if irrelevant)

 Love in Lolita

I don't know if anyone has had this happen to you or not. First some background. I got into Lolita in my freshman year of high school, but didn't dress up until my senior year of high school. for almost the whole time in school I never had a boyfriend. The day I finally decide to show what hides behind the proverbial curtain, guys start  coming out of the hoosegow.  o.O.... Where the crap have you people been. (Mostly they were anime fiends.) Sometimes I question if my last boyfriend only liked me because of the Gothic & Lolita. (He was also an  anime fan.)
There was even  this one guy I had a crush on who told me that he wouldn't date me because of Lolita. Personally, I think he was just felling uppity because his parents taught him that way.

The questions:
Have you ever had a significant other who is into you b/c you are into Lolita? If so, How it going for you?
Have you ever had someone reject you b/c you are into Lolita? If so, What did they say?
What does you other say about Lolita?
What do you think it says about them?

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I <3 TLV


Katsucon is tomorrow! Does anyone know if there are any lolita meetups planned? AFAIK the only lolita panel/event is the fashion show, but last year there was a little meet planned as well.

Will anyone here be at the con?
xeniph pic

Help with pinkxblack? (a bit pic heavy)

I wanted to try a more bittersweet loli sometime, but since I'm classic/sweet and have never worked with pinkxblack before I have little idea of how to balance out a coordinate in these colors. Please escuse everything that is horribly wrong with the pictures, this isn't meant to be a showcase post. XP


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my bunny

Big sewing post

Next weekend I have a booth at a Gothic and Fantasy event. So I have been sewing a lot lately, and today I decided to take some pictures (Credits go to my sister for taking the pictures) and post them here for some constructive criticism that I can use for my next sewing spree
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